• Lessons Learned From Running 5K Races

    … Young, old, black, white, brown, green (yes, there was a Statue of Liberty running in my latest 5K), short, medium, tall, male, female, runners, walkers, strollers, individuals, groups, families, and friends – This is the sport where everyone truly comes together. This is the sport where we are all brothers and sisters. I’m talking about my…

    Ian Lopuch/ PPC Ian- 16 readers -
  • The Five Minute Journal: My Review and Experience

    …. For busy professionals with lofty goals like myself, I view Mentor Box as a game-changer. Today, I’m excited to share with all of you another game-changer: The Five Minute Journal (my affiliate link). I actually just reached my one year anniversary since I made The Five Minute Journal part of my daily routine. Let’s start with the basics: How did…

    Ian Lopuch/ PPC Ianin Paid Search- 23 readers -
  • A Reality Check For The Digital Marketing Industry

    … I’ve been getting really philosophical lately. I want to start this post with two very important questions: Will your current company be here in 50 years? Will the work you are doing right now have lasting impact in 50 years time? If your answer is "no" (or maybe an "I don’t know"), this post is for you. We Are Here For A Reason Let’s start…

    Ian Lopuch/ PPC Ianin Paid Search- 28 readers -
  • I Pray While Running

    … I Pray While Running By PPC Ian Jul 14 0 I’m truly honored and proud to be a disciple of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Today’s post is about my experience as a Christian Businessman and my experience praying while running. I hope this post encourages you to embrace your own spirituality, as I know this is the key to solving many of our…

    Ian Lopuch/ PPC Ian- 17 readers -
  • Business Lessons From Surfing

    … Business Lessons From Surfing By PPC Ian May 10 0 I just went to Maui with my wife and son for a fun family vacation. During our trip, I had the opportunity to try surfing for the first time. I’m a very strong swimmer (competitive swim team during high school) and body boarder (grew up in LA going to the beach). Interestingly enough, I had…

    Ian Lopuch/ PPC Ian- 22 readers -
  • Prioritize, Focus and Be Patient for Business and Life Success

    … or business could it be that you need to better prioritize your time? Maybe you need to better focus on the right things that are going to help you move forward in the right direction? Could it also be you are struggling with patience? Are you struggling with an addiction to Random Acts of Marketing that may bring a short term false sense of success…

    Pam Marketing Nut- 37 readers -
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