• How Brands Determine Their Local Marketing Effectiveness

      How Brands Determine Their Local Marketing Effectiveness October 23, 2017 by David Card Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary Website analytics are the most popular means of evaluating local marketing for multi-location brands. While that’s a logical tactic for analyzing digital marketing and advertising effectiveness, it hardly presents the full picture of multichannel m ...

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    • Evolving past last-click attribution in paid search

      “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” That famous quote applies to the many marketers who default to last-click attribution, even with its well-documented failure to take the entire customer journey into consideration. During ClickZ’s latest Masterclass on paid search optimization, in association with Fospha and Kenshoo, we surveyed 800 marketers on their greatest challenges.

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    • Why Battle Over Advertising Attribution When Incrementality Can Win the War?

      If you advertise shoes on Facebook and 100 people buy them while the ad is running, is your advertising working? The answer, of course, depends. It depends on how much you spent on advertising versus the revenue generated from those purchases. It depends on factors like other ads on other channels, email marketing, or word of mouth that may have influenced shoppers’ decisions.

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  • Attribution and Measurement  is Creating a Data Management Arms Race

    … to a March 2017 comScore study, not including digital desktop time such as during the workday. The mobile time spent is often filling time for the consumer – during a commute, waiting for a friend or a phone call or an elevator. To access that time, Staas says, companies need richer data. “We use location data as a foundational signal, but we do a lot…

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  • Advertisers Beware: Your Retargeting Attribution May Be Flawed

    … Is your retargeting solution truly effective? The answer to that question is not always clear. While many solutions may claim to drive sales, a black-box approach and lack of in-depth reporting keeps many advertisers in the dark and prevents them from crafting truly impactful retargeting campaigns. Why does a lack of transparency lead to flawed…

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  • Why Location Measurement and Attribution Are Key to Brand Visibility

    … on the path to purchase. In a 2017 prediction report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), more than half of marketers were planning to spend a significant amount of time and resources on cross-channel measurement and attribution throughout the year. New technologies that can link consumers’ online behavior with related in-store purchases…

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  • Prioritizing Your PPC Platform Needs

    … the most, in terms of morale? Why? I’d recommend giving them these multiple choice options, as open-ended questions might not help you find a PPC platform so much as identifying team or workload issues. Attribution Bid management Brand protection Call tracking Competitor Analysis CRO Reporting Retargeting Social What part of their PPC responsibilities…

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  • Adobe Digital Insights: The State of the Digital Union 2017

    … This! year over year. Quality choice and competition continue to increase in availability. Growth is Easy, Retention is Hard – In the past three years, growing companies saw a 30% increase in new visitors Tweet This! but 73% of those first-time visitors don’t return. MarTech Silos – 40% of companies have multiple MarTech platforms, technologies…

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  • Attribution: Where We Were? Where We Are? And Where We Are Going?

    … their efforts may not be the reason for a conversion. Not being able to trace your marketing endeavors back to successful campaigns is scary and may make individuals feel as though their jobs could be at stake. Rather than knowing the true reason for a conversion most people tend to choose a model that attributes their actions to a specific goal…

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  • How New Location Data Tools Are Making Attribution a Reality

    …, continued investment in programmatic advertising technology and transactions will see programmatic’s share of total US digital video ad spending rise to 82.0% by 2018. Conclusion: The coupling of the adoption of mobile handsets with this shift to automated buying has resulted in the creation of a scalable in-store attribution platform the likes…

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  • Cookies To Humans: Implications Of Identity Systems On Incentives!

    … (as in customer), effectiveness of your marketing and service strategies, profitability, and everything else. If you want to imagine how insightful this can be, close your eyes, think of your business, imagine you have a Nonline Customer-ID platform, think of your current marketing data-driven attribution report. You realize how much this current holy…

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  • These Metrics Will Help You Master Lead Attribution

    … to create “wins” for our department and company at large. Most recently, we’ve paid close attention to lead attribution. Once a brand generates leads, marketing teams are responsible for reporting on what sparked those conversions. Yet to do so, they need an attribution system that can make sense of how a customer ultimately becomes a lead. Rules…

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  • High Dollar Learnings from Affiliate Summit West 2017

    More than 6,000 marketing professionals attended Affiliate Summit West (ASW) 2017 this past weekend in Las Vegas. ASW is held twice a year and is one of the performance marketing industry’s largest conferences. The event features tradeshow areas, educational sessions by industry experts, and networking events.

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  • 10 Digital Media and Marketing Predictions for 2017

    … to build more organic, nonscripted content with higher engagement, while agencies gravitate toward livestreaming and real-time social media platforms. At the same time, brands will become increasingly dependent on micro-influencers with high engagement in niche verticals, which will be utilized in mass quantities (thousands per campaign) to generate…

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