Attribution Modeling

    • Using Supermetrics To Report PPC Projected Lag Revenue

      April 25, 2017 Do you ever wonder why your Analytics revenue for the month is higher than your AdWords revenue during the same time period? Wouldn’t AdWords be more likely to give itself credit? What is more than likely occurring in this situation is that Analytics is attributing revenue to the current month from clicks that occurred last month, while AdWords attributes that revenue back to t.

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  • How To Use The Attribution Model Comparison Tool

    … should be using for your paid advertising. This data can also help you determine if your conversion window is set correctly in AdWords. In the example above, the credit for most of these conversions would be given to the direct channel. Without this attribution information, you could make PPC decisions that decrease conversions in other channels…

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  • Are You Thinking Of Account-Wide Goals? Let’s Change That Mindset

    …?, is it pages visited? should they be hitting a certain page?). Be sure to send users in the research stage to more research-oriented pages and not just PPC-specific pages with lead forms. These are all items you need to be thinking about. In this scenario is there a perfect answer? No. With all of the attribution models available, I think…

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  • Get Critical Funnel Insights With The Top Paths Report

    … campaign data using this attribution model then feel free to tweet @PPCHero with other ideas. Also, think through your campaign naming convention. It is always helpful to think what breakouts would help from a reporting standpoint We love any feedback and are always open to new ideas! …

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  • Measuring Conversions Post Converted Clicks: Help For The Lead Gen Advertiser

    … August 2, 2016 Last week fellow PPC Hero Emma Franks wrote a great article about Google’s decision to retire its converted clicks metric. The paid search industry has shifted away from strict adherence to a last click attribution model to more flexible models that consider the entire customer journey. Tracking this journey has led Google…

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  • Take A Walk Down The Conversion Path With Google Analytics

    … Google AdWords attributes each conversion back to the campaign that was last clicked before conversion. Even though you see that a conversion has occurred, you don’t get the whole story. It’s like reading the last page of a novel. You get the end result, but miss all the fun stuff in between the beginning and the end. This post will go…

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  • Easy Ways To Measure The Value of Branded Campaigns

    … It’s a common occurrence for clients to question the value of brand campaigns. From their perspective they often see a brand campaign as being spend that cannibalizes conversions from the organic listings. We have covered many times on PPC Hero why brand campaigns are important, so I won’t get into selling the importance of the branded…

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  • Using Google Analytics for AdWords Conversion Tracking

    … Everyone accepts the tenet that conversions matter. Any successful marketing campaign needs some form of conversion tracking, whether they are sales, leads, or e-mail sign ups. Most often accounts default to utilizing the AdWords conversion code. This simple to implement code automatically fires anytime someone reaches a certain stage…

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  • Reassessing My 2014 PPC Suggestions And Looking To 2015

    … by virtually any type of product they view, including travel packages and flights. Whereas a year ago, most Display Network sites only included static image and text ads, it’s rare for me to see a site that doesn’t include dynamic ads. Throw in the fact that Google Search Partners can now show PLAs, and it makes it even more important for dynamic ads…

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  • Effective Google Analytics AdWords Data Integration

    … over the keywords. This is therefore a great way to consistently analyze and report on this data. Google Shopping Another relatively new feature is the Google Shopping campaign report which allows advertisers to gain more insight into the overall product and category performance, as well as brand performance within the AdWords campaigns…

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  • Introducing the Stockton Report: Find Keywords with Hidden Value

    … being tied directly to the size of the integers from which they come. So you can also look at the raw data. For example, Keyword 1400 spent $347.05 so far in November, while click-assisting on 6 conversions. A quick descending of the raw “Impr. Assisted Conv” shows that keyword 1400 is also contributing more impression assisted conversions than…

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  • 9 Things You Need To Know About PPC Analytics [New Webinar!]

    … Running effective PPC campaigns can be competitive and expensive (really expensive if you’re not careful!). As a digital marketer, its important for you to run efficient and successful campaigns that create maximum value for your clicks. Are you measuring your campaigns? Better yet, are you effectively measuring your campaigns? Join…

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  • PPC Attribution: Bury The Last Click And Move On [New Webinar!]

    … Are you still only crediting the last click when you measure your marketing success? We hate to break it to you, but last click attribution is dying and no longer valid today. Modern analytics platforms allow you to go beyond last click and see all the interactions a user makes with your brand before the conversion. We all know different PPC…

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  • Advanced ABCs of PPC – Terminology & Strategies to Remember

    … conversion rates, and ultimately that's what makes for long term success and growth. D is for Display I covered Bing as an expansion opportunity, but you'll notice that a lot of what I'm covering today falls into that same theme. Display-based advertising used to have a pretty bad rap, however the targeting layers and various display networks available…

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