• 3 Ways You Can Get to Know Your Brand Audience Behind the Scenes

      As one of my favorite authors, Chuck Palahniuk, once stated, “the audience only wants a limited amount of honesty.” Most of your blog readers do not care where your information came from or if you double checked your sources. The audience doesn’t really stop trusting your personal brand if you have sponsored content placed on your channels.

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  • Brand Newsroom 141: Sandra Brewer on how to manage messaging for multiple brands

    … that companies with multiple brands must have to treat marketing for their consumer-facing brands very differently to their corporate brand — as they have completely different audiences. It led to a really interesting conversation. Here are some key take-outs: Whether you have one brand or a portfolio of brands is a decision based on two factors: Audience…

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  • The Emoji Evolution: How Your Brand Can Use Emojis

    … by UK internet provider Plusnet has revealed – is 92% of the total online population. This popularity has not gone unnoticed by brands, with a 777% year-on- year growth in the number of marketing campaigns that include emojis. These companies spanned many industries and target audiences, from retail and commerce, to media and entertainment. Which…

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  • Content Marketing Audience: Do You Know Your Readers?

    … Andy Crestodina believes that a partner in content creation is a partner in content distribution. Do the heavy lifting for promoter distribution support. Don’t whine! Instead thank the people who helped you create the content. Then give them a heads up that the content is going to be published. Both Social Media Examiner’s Lisa Jenkins and Content…

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  • Automating WordPress Website Marketing With GetResponse

    … and entrepreneurs. This article aims to show you how to use the system to automate your WordPress website marketing as far as possible. Understanding your audience The success of your online marketing efforts all boil down to understanding your target audience. If you don’t understand who you’re trying to sell to, you will lack the ability to speak…

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  • Speakers Corner: How I hacked online dating

    … Join an elite group of marketers receiving the best content in their mailbox Email Address* Your first name Your last name Twitter handle (we'll follow you!) Signup Form Location What is your main topic of expertise? Choose SEO Social Media Content Marketing Conversion Optimisation PR Events E-mail marketing Branding UX Video Help us…

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  • Make Understanding Your Customer Journey a Priority

    … A research report recently published by Millward Brown Digital revealed how 55% of senior marketers lack confidence in their organisation’s understanding of the customer journey. With the volume of new digital touchpoints increasing by a fifth each year, marketers across sectors are grappling with how to reach audiences with the right content in the right […] The post Make Understanding Your Customer Journey a Priority appeared first on Builtvisible. …

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  • Brand Newsroom 98: Traditional demographic assumptions are dead. RIP.

    … View Larger Image Brand Newsroom 98: Traditional demographic assumptions are dead. RIP. Audiences aren’t what they used to be — and nor are demographics. This week one of Australia’s major banks, the Commonwealth, released a report showing just how different the Australian population looks today compared to the past. It tells us…

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  • A brand journalism approach to growing your audience

    … Attracting an audience is a key principle of content marketing. But you have to know what kind of information is going to resonate with your customers and prospects to find and keep the people you want. Too often content marketers operate on a basis of blind faith – or blissful ignorance – when it comes to creating relevant information…

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  • 9 Reasons Content Marketers Should Use Pop-up Boxes

    … of the main goals of content marketing is to build an exclusive audience to use for your marketing efforts — and I believe it is — list building software is an easy and effective way of doing that. Once it’s set up, it chugs along in the background encouraging new visitors to opt in to your mailing list. Pop-up box pitfalls to avoid But please, let…

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  • Why we Need to Stop Marketing to our Friends and Actually Start Marketing

    … their tweets. This wasn’t out of lack of loyalty or caring or anything like that – I work hard for my clients – but simply an understanding that RTing their tweets would’ve pretty much been a waste of time and effort. Put simply, my followers aren’t their target audience, and my job is to help them to get found by their target audience. So’s yours…

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  • The Playbook: The Truth About Digital Advertising Budgets

    … To grow revenues in the competitive world of digital advertising, you need a winning playbook. That’s why we’ve launched The Playbook, a video series featuring data-driven strategies and tips to take your direct response performance to the next level. Not all digital ads perform at the same level, so why allocate the same daily budget across…

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  • #001: How To Develop a Deep Connection With Your Audience

    … In today’s episode, we will be talking about how to develop a deep connection with your audience, using your voice, value, and vision. If you apply these concepts (rather than just trying to sell to your audience), you will have a lot more success in your business. I’ve also created a .pdf for you so that you don’t have to take notes, and you…

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