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  • Finding the Right Demographic for Creative Agencies

    … Smaller creative agencies have largely taken over the work traditionally dominated by behemoth advertising companies in recent years. In the past, large companies knew the direction they wanted to go in and knew (or gave off the impression that they knew) what their customers wanted. Modern companies are very much aware of the amount…

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  • Social Analysis of Retailers Well-Poised for Black Friday Sales

    …) Total Activity & Audience Demographics Tech items are always known for being the first products to fly off the shelves on Black Friday, so it’s no surprise that Best Buy is getting a lot of attention on Twitter. The retailer collected a total of 11.2K tweets and a social impression total of 80.1 million. However, Kohl’s seems to be getting more…

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  • Content Marketing Obsession Puts the Pressure on Publishers

    …, these pressures have translated into real challenges for many who struggle to understand how to accurately package and present their audience demographics outside of general website traffic metrics. This is, of course, necessary to attract and land deals with major advertisers in today’s competitive content marketing landscape. To win accounts…

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  • Dear Publishers: Stop Making Assumptions About Your Audience

    … level attributes are extremely valuable for data-driven, high-quality lead generation. Forbes found that advertisers who adopt data-driven marketing are nearly three times more likely to see increased revenues as a direct result. Seventy-four percent of leaders in this area also felt that data-driven strategies lent them a competitive edge…

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  • How To Create Engaging Visual Content For Men on Pinterest

    Pinterest is often viewed as a platform primarily used by women; however, Michael Lopp, head of engineering at Pinterest, recently announced that the platform has doubled its active male users in the past year. One third of all new members are males and many emerging markets boast a 50/50 split of male and female users.

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