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  • Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences for ecommerce: segment before you build

    … One of the most efficient types of targeting in Facebook (second to retargeting, of course) is lookalike audience targeting. Lookalike targeting is basically a targeting type that allows you to use first party data (e.g. customer lists, remarketing lists, etc.) as a seed audience to find new users with very similar characteristics, behaviors…

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  • 7 Content Repurposing Dishes Your Prospects Will Eat Up

    … content pieces for utilization throughout the nurture journey. Let’s get cooking. The Seasoning: Personas Eighty-two percent of prospects say content targeted to their industry is more valuable. — MarketingSherpa While reading the below menu items, think about slightly altering the messaging of each to create different versions. The key is to sprinkle…

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  • 3 Foolproof Steps To Writing Copy That Grabs Your Audience

    … grade reading level. Not because our audience wasn’t smart; rather, that’s where most people feel comfortable reading. That’s also the reading level of your typical newspaper. Bottom line, more people knew who we were, we got calls and requests from state agencies that finally understood what we did and our sales increased. We did it just…

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  • The Maturation of Buyer Personas and Their Role In Marketing

    … personas. Data Alone Is Not Enough What this all means is that data — like the kind gathered from SEO and Google Analytics — is not enough. A company can do all the right things. But if qualitative research isn’t the foundation of their buyer personas, they’re still not going to be looking at their audiences as three-dimensional people. Instead…

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  • Is Your Brain Hard Wired To Ignore Irrelevant Content?

    … you in. Avoid Marketing Narcissism People don’t want to hear marketers talk in a self-centered fashion about their products and their company. If you use your content as a platform to do nothing but talk about yourself, you may very well be guilty of an objectionable practice that has been referred to as marketing narcissism. If your audience thinks…

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