Audience Segmentation

  • How to Target your Audience Right? Use Segmentation

    … of your potential customer. No marketing efforts will bring you positive results unless you try to know your target audience better. After this, one would think, obvious step you’ll see that there are much more things to learn, and segmentation can give you the key to this learning. Without segmentation your customers are just an ordinary crowd…

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  • RLSA and Customer Match: using smart segmentation for big wins

    … of brands or lines of products, you may want to segment customers out by the brand/product line they’ve purchased. Now that you’ve segmented your customers, you can create an RLSA campaign for each audience segmentation. Take the AOV example above. Based on that segmentation, you would create three campaigns: RLSA_HighAOV, RLSA_MidAOV, RLSA_LowAOV…

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  • Everything You Need to Know About B2B Mid-Funnel Content

    … be optimized for broad reach among your target audience, mid-funnel content should be intentionally crafted to speak to the needs of those closer to buying your product. The easiest and most effective way to nurture your mid-funnel email strategy is through segmentation. Age, gender and geography are all valuable segments, but behavior-driven…

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  • The Rise of the “On My Own Terms” Customer

    … to more than $3.8 trillion. This new era of technology is upending the traditional sales funnel. Instead of following a set sales process, consumers now learn about products and services on their own terms. To keep up, marketers must use data and digital tools to learn about and engage their prospects and customers. Technology Flips the Funnel…

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  • Why You Need To Stop Ageist Millennial Marketing

    … Published 1 min ago 34 At some point in your marketing career you’ve likely considered the impact of “millennials” or “Gen Y” on your business. And even if they weren’t your target market at the time, you knew it wouldn’t be long before they were, as this group comes of age and replaces the baby boomers. Is Millennial Marketing Actually…

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  • Audience Segmentation For Conversion Optimization

    … ZOG Digital’s Thomas Stern discusses how audience segmentation can help improve conversions and engagement from paid advertisements. This article was originally published by Website Magazine. ——- “Segmentation is saying something to somebody instead of saying nothing to everybody.” — Jay Conrad Levinson Content creation, search optimization…

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  • What Inbound Marketers Can Learn from Outbound Marketing

    … to today’s methods of inbound marketing: How to attract the attention of your audience How to predict pushback or commentary on your messaging How to give brand stickiness not just to your advertisement, but to your brand name How to simultaneously attract new customers and develop loyalty with current ones Attracting Attention Through Segmentation We…

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  • Digital Marketing 201: Explore Segmentation To Drive Growth

    … focus. Time-Based Segmentation. Retailers are very aware of timing differences. The shopping season around Christmas generates most of the revenue for the entire year. Shopper behavior at this time is very different than at any other time of year. Knowing what works and being able to adapt to these changes during certain seasons gives you a big…

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