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    • 5 remarketing strategies to prep for Q4

      Remarketing is always one of the most powerful tools in an ecommerce marketer’s belt, but it takes on added importance in Q4. With the holidays fast approaching, you can do a good amount of prep work now to put yourself in a great position to capitalize on the holiday rush. I’ve outlined my five favorite remarketing strategies below. 1.

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  • How to Target your Audience Right? Use Segmentation

    … of your potential customer. No marketing efforts will bring you positive results unless you try to know your target audience better. After this, one would think, obvious step you’ll see that there are much more things to learn, and segmentation can give you the key to this learning. Without segmentation your customers are just an ordinary crowd…

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  • RLSA and Customer Match: using smart segmentation for big wins

    … So we all know about RLSA (retargeted lists for search ads) and its ability to use Customer Match, but how many of us are actually taking advantage of it? The big problem with RLSA Customer Match is that in order for it to really have an impact on volume and performance, you need to have a very large customer list. To be specific, leveraging…

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  • Everything You Need to Know About B2B Mid-Funnel Content

    … brand loyalty and create brand advocates. Mid-funnel content is persuasive, educational and targeted. Aimed at people already in your CRM system, mid-funnel content delivers the right content to the right people at the right time, usually with the help of marketing automation technology. (More on that in a minute.) While top-funnel content should…

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  • The Rise of the “On My Own Terms” Customer

    …. Relying on a one-size-fits-all marketing funnel turns off customers and has proven to be inefficient. And without a standard sales funnel or direct customer engagement, marketers have to find new ways to learn what their customers like, what social networks and mobile devices they use, and what content they share. Adopt New Strategies…

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  • Why You Need To Stop Ageist Millennial Marketing

    … Published 1 min ago 34 At some point in your marketing career you’ve likely considered the impact of “millennials” or “Gen Y” on your business. And even if they weren’t your target market at the time, you knew it wouldn’t be long before they were, as this group comes of age and replaces the baby boomers. Is Millennial Marketing Actually…

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  • Audience Segmentation For Conversion Optimization

    …, paid advertising and social strategy all rely on extensive and well-planned audience segmentation to effectively drive conversions. With a thorough understanding of the needs and pain points of their unique audience segments, brands can develop more targeted and focused campaigns to reach and engage users on a personal level. UNDERSTAND YOUR…

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  • What Inbound Marketers Can Learn from Outbound Marketing

    … Content Marketing, Content Promotion, Earned Media, Owned Media, Paid Media, Shared Media, Social Promotion Inbound marketing. It’s the wave of the future, right? After all, how much direct mail do you really open? How many billboards do you actually internalize? Doesn’t everyone just fast-forward through the commercials these days? Inbound…

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  • Digital Marketing 201: Explore Segmentation To Drive Growth

    … to different environments. Again, you want to avoid generalizations, but you'll be able to grow faster if you recognize the uniqueness that exists. Engagement Segmentation. How are visitors and prospects engaging with your brand? Are they a regular user or first-time? Do they read a lot before making a decision, or is it mostly impulse? Recognize…

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