• Brand Newsroom 151: How important is a voice over?

    … The Brand Newsroom team is joined by experienced broadcaster and voice-over artist Alex Lush to talk about voice overs. BNR received an email from an avid Brand Newsroom listener, Brenda, who asked how important it was to get the right voice to do your voice over. It’s a great question, so we thought we’d ask the best voice in the business. Alex…

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  • What are the Top SEO Ranking Factors in 2017?

    …. If your SEO consultant’s optimization consists of any work outside of attracting and improving the experience of the visitor, you’re probably getting yourself into trouble. Douglas Karr, DK New Media This infographic from Dot Com Infoway does a fantastic job of segmenting and prioritizing the work you should be doing if you hope to gain visibility…

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  • Publishers Get Ready: All Facebook Videos To Autoplay with Sound on Mobile

    … with details on how to turn autoplay audio off. But Facebook sees value in making the change – they’ve been testing it since last summer. So while the reaction is understandable, the fact is it’s going to be here to stay. If you’re a publisher, your reaction should be curiosity on how you can use this change to your advantage. Facebook Video Autoplay…

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  • Now Hear This: Facebook Debuts Live Audio

    … A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but words are still worth something to Facebook. The social network Tuesday announced the introduction of Live Audio, a way for publishers to broadcast audio-only content live. Product specialist Shirley Ip and software engineer Bhavana Radhakrishnan announced the new feature in a Facebook Media blog post…

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  • Why Your Video Needs Music (And Where To Get it)

    ► Join the club and subscribe for more fun videos: Give this video a thumb up or leave a comment below! We’d love to hear from you! ← Our previous video: ► Twitter: ► Facebook: ► Vine: https://vine.

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  • Fed Up With Procrastination & Inner Resistance? How to Win the Battle – IMP#38

    … for apparently no reason.​ In today's podcast episode, you'll discover that this isn't at all uncommon among (even highly successful) entrepreneurs and the tools you can use to beat this problem.​ More... Podcast Audio Click here to download the mp3 file for this episode. Resources & Bonus This podcast episode goes hand-in-hand with the previous one…

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  • Now Buy Digital Audio Advertising Via DSP

    … AdsWizz, the leading global technology provider of advertising solutions for the digital audio industry, announced today its partnership with RTBiQ to bring advanced direct response tools to programmatic digital audio advertising. The partnership will allow RTBiQ’s advertisers to easily add the power of digital audio to their existing…

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  • How Stuff Works’ Jason Hoch: There is no podcasting bubble

    …. It’s also become more interesting to advertisers, who are coming around to the idea of connecting to a highly desirable audience on demand. In this week’s episode of the Digiday Podcast, we sat down with Jason Hoch, the chief content officer of How Stuff Works, the fourth-largest podcast publisher in America, and the largest one not connected…

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  • Using GarageBand Normalization to Correct Your Low Audio Inputs

    … to optimize (questionable) for playback. In the case above, though, we can use normalization to our advantage. If you mute all but a single track, export the individual track (aiff so you don’t lose quality like with an mp3) and do that for each track they will be normalized on export. Then you can delete your audio within each track in your project…

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  • Listen Up for 2017: Sounding Off on the Next User Interface, Part I

    …. Evolution of the way we interact with content—through a user interface (UI)—continues. At present, a number of trends like IoT, AI, wearables, and podcast media are culminating to position audio and voice as critical to the next-generation UI. To help you line up your 2017 marketing plans, Boost Media shares information and insights…

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  • Audio Content Marketing: 5 Actionable Tips

    … spend an average of 4 hours a day listening to content according to Edison Research’s Share of Ear. That’s roughly a third of the content consumed daily! (Note: This 2014 data via Spin shows a more granular breakout by type than more recent surveys.) Edison Research’s Tom Webster says: “Mobile’s increasing utility as ‘the first screen,’ as well…

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  • 7 Video Marketing Hacks for Social Media

    … This might be the last article I ever write. I’ve built up a substantial portfolio over the past few years, championing the use of video marketing via carefully considered words of wisdom, offering my two cents on subjects such as why emotive storytelling works in content marketing and how to sell yourself in six seconds. And now it seems…

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