Augmented & Virtual Reality

    • Tobii Pro now invisibly tracks users’ eyes in VR

      A combined image, showing attention spots where a VR wearer might be looking in a virtual grocery store. Virtual reality is just beginning to develop the kinds of analytical tools that help marketers determine what works. This week, eye-tracking research firm Tobii added another tool — one that invisibly tracks users’ visual attention in virtual reality.

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  • Forrester report: VR is not yet ready for marketers

    … A test drive in a VR car showroom If you’re a marketer rubbing your hands together in anticipation of the virtual campaigns you’ll run in virtual reality, you may want to take a breath. The title of a recent Forrester Research report will likely slow you down: “Virtual Reality Isn’t Ready for Marketing Yet.” (Fee required for non-clients…

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  • Google releases Chrome version with the first browser support for WebVR

    … A 3-D VR interior from Matterport This week, Google is updating its Chrome browser for Android with the first browser support for Web VR — a capability that could dramatically affect the use and development of VR content. Previously, if a user wanted to view VR content in a stereo headset viewer like Google’s Daydream View, you had…

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  • Report: Consumers feel positively about immersive technologies

    … A test drive in a VR car showroom After decades of being “just around the corner,” immersive technologies have finally arrived. But the pending question is whether virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) or 360-degree video matters for brands — or whether they are just another great way to burn money. A new report from video ad company…

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  • Hey Santa, here’s our 2016 “Marketing Naughty & Nice” list

    … to lighten Santa’s burden a bit by offering our take on who in marketing, advertising and search has been naughty, and who’s been nice. So he can concentrate on, you know, lists about boys and girls. It’s the least we could do. Who’s been nice Go, Pokémon, Go It feels like decades since we first starting hearing about how computer generated content…

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  • IAB’s first report on VR/AR surveys the terrain for marketers

    … to action — within the user’s current VR experience, people simply hit the skip button, or they leave. You can’t just put things into a scene. A lot more work needs to be done to get the integration points right. It can be extremely jarring when you’re immersed in another world.’” The report also summarizes a selection of marketing/advertising…

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  • Pokémon Go, augmented reality and the future of local marketing

    … a brief rundown of the magical app that has kids, teenagers and adults alike lurking in nearby parks after midnight just to catch a few extra Pokémon. The freemium game uses your phone’s GPS and camera to turn the real world into a digitally augmented world teeming with wild Pokémon. To get started, you’ll need a smartphone and a good pair of walking…

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  • Marketers look to climb aboard the Pokémon Go phenomenon

    … From the U.S. Pokemon Go site The past week will go down in marketing history as the point when augmented reality became a real thing. The reason: the sudden craze of Pokémon Go, launched barely a week ago. Based on the entertainment franchise of games, trading cards, and cartoons that began in the 1990s, the new game requires an iOS…

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