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Australian English (AusE, AuE, AusEng, en-AU) is a major variety of the English language and is used throughout Australia. Although English has no official status in the Constitution, Australian English is Australia's de facto official language and is the first language of the majority of the population.Australian English began to diverge from British English after the founding of the colony of New South Wales in 1788 and was recognised as being different from British English by 1820. It arose from the intermingling of early settlers from a great variety of mutually intelligible dialectal regions of the British Isles and quickly developed into a distinct variety of English.
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    … either put them in XML sitemaps, the head section of the HTML document, or in the HTTP headers. With the hreflang tags you can also denote generic language preferences. This is for those cases where you have a page for American English, British English, but not Australian or Irish. If you put a generic “en” versus “en-[specific country],” you can…

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