• Brand Newsroom 121: The rise of post-truth everything, and why it needs to stop

    … Pundits say we’re living in “a post-truth era”, where facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than emotion and public belief. Fake news is all over the internet and is believed to have influenced the United States presidential election. Have lies become a commodity? Don’t we value authenticity anymore? And what does all this mean…

    Lush Digital- 25 readers -
  • 10 Digital Media and Marketing Predictions for 2017

    … 2016 has been a year of shifts in social media, technology and digital marketing. Influencer marketing went mainstream, the internet became all about video and every digital marketer is looking for a way to connect business outcomes to their social media efforts. So what’s in store for 2017? We queried a panel of digital marketing…

    AllTwitterin Google Facebook Twitter- 47 readers -
  • 53% of Women Made Purchases Due to Influencer Posts (Survey)

    … Despite what could be considered a pervasively toxic environment, women are one of the most active groups on social media. Not only do women rule social media, but they are also influential, discerning and willing to buy based on influencer recommendations. Bloglovin, a media platform that connects consumers with their favorite influencers…

    Inside Facebookin Social Facebook- 22 readers -
  • Finding the right “authenticity level” for your brand

    …, no smiling face. The blog posts were written in a clinical style that made me wonder if a human was involved at all. The headlines left me cold. “Marketing automation mistakes.” “New research is here.” “A social media development.” Who would want to read that? The world doesn’t need another post entitled “Common Twitter mistakes.” However, I would…

    {grow}- 20 readers -
  • Influencer Marketing Hit the Mainstream in 2016 (Report)

    … Influencer marketing has been the buzzword for 2016, and it dominated the digital marketing conversation this year. Going into 2017, it’s clear that the market will mature and techniques are likely to change again. A study from content marketing agency Linqia examines the future for influencer marketing in 2017. According to the report, 2016…

    AllTwitter- 23 readers -
  • Influencer Marketing: The End of Bad Ads

    … found that campaigns featuring social media influencers see a return on investment 11 times greater than traditional digital campaigns. Additionally, customers acquired through influencer-centric campaigns are 37 percent more loyal. Why? People trust their friends more than they trust brands; in an online purchase decision, authenticity is king…

    AllFacebookin Twitter- 31 readers -
  • Three Ways Social Influencers Can Start Using Video

    … brand Authenticity is a key benchmark. Your audience can tell when you actually love the brand you’re talking about–and when you don’t. That’s all about authenticity and credibility. Without those, you’ll never grow a following. Most influencers focus on a specific topic or area they’re comfortable with, like parenting, tech or fashion. Since…

    AllTwitterin Facebook YouTube- 20 readers -
  • How to Build an Authentic Brand With a Remarkable Voice

    … incredibly difficult to pretend to be youthful, serious, funny, cool or whatever else you’re trying to be. Marketers talk about authenticity and rarely define it. Authenticity is being exactly who you want your customers to think you are. You can’t fake relevancy. You can’t fake caring. #getrealchat — Pam Moore (@PamMktgNut) October 11, 2016 In the fast…

    AllFacebookin Social How To's- 27 readers -
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