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  • ASP 09: The 80/20 of Self-Publishing

    …, the majority of what we do leads to very little productivity and success. The key, then, is to identify the few small things that most benefit your business, and then prioritize them. How is the 80/20 principle used in your business as an author-preneur? Steve focuses on his productive 20% through the email marketing, BookBub, and talking…

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  • ASP 11: How to Be an Ethical Self-Published Entrepreneur

    … is ethics as a self-published author? A lot of people want to cut corners and ripping content off other authors. This might seem easier in the short run, but it will ultimately hurt your self-publishing company and give you a bad name. There is a Washington Post article that talks about some bad Amazon practices, and this might be worth reading to make…

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  • ASP 12: 2 Types of Self Publishing Business Models

    …-based businesses. We will review both, how to generate revenue with them, and their advantages and disadvantages. 1. The “Book Catalog” Business Attributes: Like any other content platform (blog, podcast, or YouTube), focus on a major topic. Each book should go into specific detail about one topic or strategy. With books such as these, you want…

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