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  • What Happens When You Add 500 Pieces Of Content To A Website?

    … Yes! I Love to Learn Want to learn step-by-step how I built my Niche Site Empire up to a full-time income? Hey everyone, this is Spencer. Before I turn this guest post over to Ken, let me explain why this is a pretty unique blog post. Yes, this was written by Ken Roberts (more details below); however, this is a project that I am very involved…

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  • Authority Site Overhaul Case Study: What We’ve Been Working On

    … Welcome back to another update on the Authority Site Project! The post below is another update from George Do and Hayden Miyamoto (recent buyers of the Authority Site Project site). As discussed recently, I sold 66% of my authority site. George and Hayden on working on revamping the site and turning it into a bigger revenue source. So…

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  • Podcast 71: Our Current Strategies for SEO, Content, and Link Building in 2015

    … Linkable asset, you do your outreach. As the links come in, the authority of that page is going to grow because of all the links pointing to it. As a result, you now have control over this authoritative page that you can use to internally link to the other more product focused articles on your site. (You could use a related posts plugin or manually link…

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  • April 2015 Income Report: Physical Product Sales Versus Authority Site

    … For the past several months, I have been sharing the income for my authority site project, and this month is no different! You will have a chance to see the income from the website that Perrin and I have been working on for while now. However, I will also share the income of the Amazon physical business that I recently started. I have several…

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  • Podcast 58: Kindle and Authority Site Success; Earnings and Lessons Learned So Far

    … Yes! I Love to Learn Want to learn step-by-step how I built my Niche Site Empire up to a full-time income? Play EpisodeDownload MP3 The Niche Pursuits podcast is back with another original episode! In today’s show Perrin and I sat down together to discuss the progress made so far on our Kindle books and authority site. Specifically we…

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  • Authority Site Project Income Report for December 2014

    I’m excited to bring you the first official income report for the authority site project that Perrin and I started a few months ago! For the past few months we’ve discussed in a few posts some of the strategies we’ve been using to get traffic and earnings to the site including publishing Kindle books and Reddit marketing.

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  • Podcast 54: Link Building Tactics for 2015 and Beyond with Jon Cooper

    … to find the best way to acquire and attract links in a way that will last long term. These are strategies that really should work in 2015 and beyond. As I’ve mentioned before, Jon has documented all of his link building strategies in an excellent guide: The Point Blank SEO Link Building Course. I’ve been through the course myself, and have referred…

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