Auto Dealerships

  • Is Your Local Dealership Prepared for a New Era of Car Buying?

    …, things have changed. With unlimited access to online information about every make and model out there, auto shoppers don’t even need to leave their living room to research their options. Netsertive surveyed 500 recent car buyers across the U.S. and found that auto shoppers aren’t showing up to the lot until the very last moment in their path…

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  • The Fight for Leads: Automotive Marketing

    … This post is the second in the “Fight for Leads,” a series focused on lead-generation tactics in four key industry verticals: healthcare, automotive, legal and marketing agencies. Sponsored by CallRail. More than 17 million people purchased cars and trucks in the U.S. last year, paving the way for the automotive industry to have one of its…

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  • How Automotive Marketing Is Evolving in the Digital Age

    … Car dealerships are an appealing target for hyperlocal media and suppliers of digital marketing technology and services. They’re relatively big spenders compared with many local businesses, and they’re adopting digital marketing faster than most. But after steady growth to a record 2015, U.S. auto sales this year are sluggish, and dealership…

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