Autocomplete, or word completion, is a feature provided by many web browsers, e-mail programs, search engine interfaces, source code editors, database query tools, word processors, and command line interpreters. Autocomplete is also available for, or already integrated in, general text editors. Autocomplete involves the program predicting a word or phrase that the user wants to type in without the user actually typing it in completely.
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  • Ecommerce Links: October 2014

    … the retail star…or not. How can natural language improve your ecommerce on-site search? (This article includes a link to an audio podcast on the subject) Chris Goward thinks you’re crazy if you change your site based on use feedback. He outlines how to use click-tracking heatmaps on the Crazy Egg blog. What’s the offline equivalent to last…

    Linda Bustos/ Get Elasticin Mobile- 3 readers -
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