• 10 Top Marketing Automation Influencers You Need to Know

      When we want inspiration and guidance in the world of marketing automation, the world wide web is always a good place to start looking. But with so much content and so many ideas doing the rounds, how can we be sure that we are learning from the best? To help to cut through the confusion, here are ten of the most insightful, innovative and – in many cases – disruptive marketin ...

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    • 5 Ways to Achieve a Human Touch with Marketing Automation

      There is something about the phrase “marketing automation” that could be considered alarming. For many of us, the connotations of automation are not positive; instead they represent a cold, clinical, robotic approach to business. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Marketing automation doesn’t have to be cold or inhuman; in fact, it can help you to achieve a light touch with y ...

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  • One Easy (and Easy-to-Overlook) Way for Marketers to Adopt the Customer Mindset

    … Marketing personas? Check. Customer data? Check. Strategy? Check. Deep understanding of your product or service and the problem it solves? Yep. Empathy for the customer? Absolutely. Sweet marketing automation platform? Of course you’ve got that, too! You’re armed with all of the above—all the things you need to create the kind of nurturing…

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  • Can Content Marketing Be Automated?

    … Wow is there a lot of talk about automation these days. Whether it’s marketing automation, or programmatic advertising, or artificial intelligence bots that automagically write our content – more than ever it seems marketers are looking for algorithms that can help them scale and optimize their efforts. Marketing Automation, content and data…

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  • 6 Unexpected Benefits of Marketing Automation

    … We know that a marketing automation system is a useful tool in our business arsenal. Lead nurturing, customer support and a range of other marketing tasks are all made much easier by implementing automation. However, these are not the only benefits. Read on for some of the more unexpected benefits of marketing automation. More time to develop…

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  • Stop Wasting Time on PPC Reporting – Use Custom Dashboards Today

    … not be shared). The “Email” option is what it sounds like. Simply click “Email” and you can send a PDF of the dashboard to anyone, with a custom message. Exporting will create a downloadable PDF of the dashboard. There are two ways to look at automation and dashboards. For one, if it is set up correctly, your report will automatically be there for you…

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  • Changing Your Mindset: Automated Emails are Customer Service Emails!

    … Automation is often portrayed as dehumanizing and impersonal. But in email marketing, automation tools can help you create the exact opposite: timely, relevant and highly personalized messages that speak to your individual customers’ needs and objectives. You just can’t do that with one-size-fits-all emails. Automation makes personalization…

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  • How to Accelerate Sales with Marketing Automation

    … of leads you send to your sales team, but once you understand the logic, it’ll all make sense. You tell me – what happens when someone gets too much of something? In other words, what happens when a sales person gets all of the unsorted leads that come through your marketing automation campaign? You guessed it – they get a little overwhelmed…

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  • The Secret to Higher Education Marketing on a Budget

    … and maintain meaningful relationships with students and alumni.” Rather than casting a wide and expensive net for student recruitment, automated marketing tools provide a targeted and cost-effective solution. A tool like email marketing lets you send professional communications to build loyalty with current students, keep in touch with alumni…

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  • 5 Steps To Cross-Account Analysis Superhero Status

    January 26, 2017 This post is part of the Hero Conf Los Angeles Speaker Blog Series. Andrew Miller will join 50+ PPC experts sharing their paid search and social expertise at the World’s Largest All-PPC Event, April 18-20 in Los Angeles, CA. Like what you read? Find out more about Hero Conf. PPC pros know how to use data to make better decisions and optimize campaigns for better results.

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  • Four Simple Marketing Automation Tricks You Can Put to Use Right Away

    … Okay, you’re all set up and ready to go with your next marketing automation campaign. That’s great. But now that you’re off to the races, you’ll want to start optimizing your campaigns. In other words, you’ll want to start testing different techniques to see which ones improve your open rate, your click through rate, and your return on investment…

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  • Our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016

    … Timeline of Contextual Marketing We were super excited to exceed 200 billion live content impressions this past Cyber Week. To celebrate, we created a timeline to showcase a few of our favorite client email campaigns throughout the years. 8. 5 Email Automation Best Practices Email automation is an increasingly popular topic, and yet it seems like…

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  • Marketing Automation and the New Omnichannel Journey

    … that are considered to be typical today; and three examples of how marketing automation helps us to be prepared. Journey #1 A customer is passing your store and they step inside to take a look at your product range. They select a bulky product but use their mobile device to compare prices and find it cheaper elsewhere. It is only after the product arrives…

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