• Social Customer-Service Automation: Too Good, or Too Good to Be True?

      Staying ahead of the curve of ever-evolving technologies can feel like a feat. What may be a game-changer at one moment can quickly turn into old news in the matter of months, weeks or even days. We live in an era when the next best technology is literally around the corner. It’s exhausting just trying to keep up. However, I feel some trends are here to stay–at least, for a little while.

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  • 6 Lead Scoring Techniques You Should Use With Marketing Automation

    …, car or financial services products. Regardless of which sector you’re in, marketing automation gives new options for business to introduce or improve lead scoring after new contacts are added to your list. To step you through the options, I’ll cover 6 lead scoring techniques use can use from basic to more advanced. The first two cover the two…

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  • Affiliate Marketing Automation: Design Your Success

    After seeing together how to set your goals for Affiliate Marketing and Automation, and how to assess where you stand now, we are moving into how to design and implement your Automation for Affiliate Marketing. This third article brings practical steps you can take to get started, and also summarizes some of the most important aspects already covered so far.

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  • The Must Have Starting Point for Marketing Automation

    … Hey, Barry here, your anti-expert in marketing automation. I’m learning it with you. Fun, fun, fun. Seriously, if I yack on about it as if I’m the mighty ninja of marketing automation, you’ll call my bluff and bail. I came clean in an eBook I wrote for GetResponse, A Solopreneur’s Journey Into Marketing Automation. But you don’t want to miss…

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  • 11 Consumer Behavior Secrets To Improve Automated Marketing [Webinar Recording]

    … discussed 6 distinct stages that customers go through before making a purchase decision. Watch the recording to learn: How to lay the foundation for an effective B2B lead generation campaign. How to “think backwards” in order to increase the impact of your next marketing automation campaign. What are the most common mistakes businesses make when…

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  • 10 Opportunities To Use Marketing Automation Across The Customer Lifecycle

    … For me, marketing automation is one of the most exciting recent MarTech developments, since it gives so many opportunities to help businesses to deliver more relevant communications to their site visitors and subscribers; which help engage and nurture both prospects and customers. I’m not alone. In a poll of our readers on Smart Insights we’re…

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  • Last Minute Ideas On How To Prepare Your Website For The Holiday Season

    … they purchase in November may be different from December’s offers. Focus on your sales reports to ensure you have sufficient stock and can move products as needed. But when it comes to your marketing, use your customers’ past purchases and website behavior to guide what December product offers will go to each customer. Your marketing automation…

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  • How To Stay On Top Of Marketing Automation

    … Automation is revolutionizing the way commerce happens in every sector of the economy. In the fast food industry, self-serve kiosks are replacing order takers. Manufacturing facilities around the world are outfitted with robotics that deliver precision and efficiency. The automation revolution is also impacting marketing in a big way. Adopters…

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  • Actions Speak Louder Than Data

    … Marketers often struggle with achieving their Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) objectives due to a lack of operational efficiency in gathering, interpreting, and applying data-driven insights. Even armed with the most innovative and cutting-edge Marketing Automation solutions, marketers still can’t escape the age-old computer science adage…

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  • The Three Easiest Ways To Get Started With Marketing Automation

    … You already know you should be automating your marketing. In fact, you probably feel guilty just thinking about it. Why? Because you’ve heard the numbers. According to aggregate data, “80% of marketing automation users” see their number of leads increase (Venturebeat Insights), “high performers have an average of 60% higher lead-to-sale…

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