• Highlights from TechSEO Boost: The key trends in technical SEO

      Although most search conferences contain some sessions on technical SEO, until now there has been a general reluctance to dedicate a full schedule to this specialism. That is an entirely understandable stance to take, given that organic search has evolved to encompass elements of so many other marketing disciplines.

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    • Get the Right Message to the Right People with Click Segmentation

      Nice work! You’ve crafted the perfect email to share with your subscriber list and just hit send—only a matter of time now before the sales come rolling in right? Not quite. That’s because even the greatest email won’t get results if delivered to the wrong audience. Introducing click segmentation To address this problem, Constant Contact is proud to introduce our new click ...

      Constant Contactin EMail- 16 readers -
    • A Closer Look at AdWords Smart Bidding

      November 20, 2017 Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Hanukah, Festivus; the list of sale opportunities doesn’t end at this point of the year. If you’re managing an eCommerce account right now, time management is fast becoming your most utilized skill. But, what if I told you there was a way to free up some time by giving into our machine overlords? Moving from manual b ...

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  • #188: What I Learned From a Year of Automating My Business

    … Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss: At the end of 2016 it hit me: I was working for my business instead of my business working for me. Can I get an “AMEN”? So I had to make a BIG decision and explore an entire year of evergreen for my business this past year (2017) […] The post #188: What I Learned From a Year of Automating My Business appeared first on Amy Porterfield | Online Marketing Expert. …

    Amy Porterfield- 12 readers -
  • AI The Rise Of The Bots in Marketing

    … We recently attended the fantastic PPC Hero conference in London, and there were some fantastic insights to take away, and one of our own, head of Paid Search, Andrew Morgan gave a fantastic talk. This is the first in a series of posts on the main talking points. Using Automation In Marketing We all know how important data is within the realms…

    Attacat of Edinburgh- 11 readers -
  • The Secret to SEM Success: Machine Learning

    … November 1, 2017 When you consider the combination of machine learning and PPC, what are your thoughts? Do they excite or scare you? We get EXCITED. The pressure to drive…

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  • October 2017: What’s New With Constant Contact?

    … Fall is finally here! Time to put away your swimsuit, take out your flannel shirts, and jump into the newest Constant Contact features. Want to learn the latest improvements and new features available in your Constant Contact account? Take four minutes to watch the video below and learn about new product enhancements including: Automation…

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  • Google Target Outranking Share Bid Strategy Success

    … the marked percentage the more the daily cost could rise. Max Bid Limit – This setting allows the advertiser to set a max bid limit and helps if two domains are using the Target outranking share strategy. The automation will increase the bids until one reaches their set max limit. Bid Automation – Advertisers maintain the ability within this bid…

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  • Automate Your Manual Bidding Strategy Using Supermetrics

    …. Automated bidding can be helpful, especially in larger accounts where bid changes might need to be made quickly. There are third-party systems like Acquisio and Marin, or in the interfaces themselves, like Google’s smart bidding strategies. Manual bidding also has its advantages. In some cases, automation may change bids based off short-term…

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  • Marketing Automation for Content Strategy Implementation

    … will they possibly find the time, the staff, the money? When the cogs visibly start to turn, I know it’s time to mention the magic, anxiety-relieving words: “Marketing automation”. No, you don’t have to log onto your social channels every time you want to publish a social update. No, you don’t have to manually add each email address…

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  • A Case For Automated Bidding

    … July 28, 2017 It is universally agreed upon that more power is better. More power means more control. It means more knowledge, more capability. Power means superiority. So, having more power over an AdWords account must mean that the account is in better hands, is in superior hands, is in more knowledgeable hands. A claim can be made…

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  • Sprout Social Develops Bot Builder for Automated Conversational Workflows

    … designed for customer service teams. Several Sprout customers across a range of industries have enjoyed exclusive early access to the Bot Builder including Evernote and Monarch Airlines, which are all successfully using Twitter chatbots to better engage customers over Direct Message. Since using Sprout’s Twitter Automation Tools, Evernote has helped 80…

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  • How to Grow Your Business, Even When You’re on Vacation

    … Can you believe it’s summer already? If you’re like many small business owners and marketers, you’ve been working hard all year to grow your business. And now you’re looking forward to a well-deserved vacation. Or maybe you — like 43 percent of small business owners — struggle to take time away from your business. If you’re worried…

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  • 3 European Martech Trends Affecting Brands in 2017

    … Across the UK, automation is taking over. Five years ago, for example, real-time bidding accounted for just 12 percent of online display advertising, according to the International Data Corporation. Last month, the Internet Advertising Bureau UK reported that almost three-quarters of UK digital display advertising is now bought programmatically…

    The Content Strategistin Display- 18 readers -
  • Chatbots and the Changing Art of Blogging

    …, add more information and suggestions all through one chat window. Power of automation saves you time and effort With an average blog visitor reading an article for 15 seconds or less, today, genuinely building authority in the blogging space goes hand in hand with engaging and interacting with your readers. Be it to exchange ideas, give insightful…

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