Business-to-business (B2B) describes commerce transactions between businesses, such as between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or between a wholesaler and a retailer. Contrasting terms are business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-government (B2G).B2B branding is a term used in marketing.The overall volume of B2B (Business-to-Business) transactions is much higher than the volume of B2C transactions. The primary reason for this is that in a typical supply chain there will be many B2B transactions involving sub components or raw materials, and only one B2C transaction, specifically sale of the finished product to the end customer.
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    • A Day in the Life of a Content Strategist

      As of today, 40,427 people have the title of content strategist on LinkedIn. Another 1,389 open roles await the right candidate. And according to recent research from The Creative Group, content strategists currently hold one of the top-paying jobs in the tech and creative fields. Strategists typically earn between $81,000 and $115,000, a jump of more than 5 percent from last year.

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    • GE’s Sponsored Videos Electrify B2B and B2C Audiences

      Can you unring a bell? And not just any bell, the Ka Lay Wa Bell in Myanmar is one of the world’s biggest and loudest. Subscribe to the GE Channel: http://invent.ge/1eGgvZK In 2016, GE challenged the imaginations of engineering students from around the world to apply their intelligence, knowhow and a toolkit of GE technology to come up with a new idiom and imagine an experiment to disprove it.

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  • How Technology Is Revolutionizing B2B Events

    … When you’re inundated with the glories of digital marketing every day, we can start to forget that in-person events still make up such an important part of the marketing stack. Events can be chaotic, complicated, and expensive. Yet in B2B marketing, there’s a reason they’re still incredibly popular. According to a report from market research…

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  • InsideView Fuels Go-to-Market Success with Targeting Intelligence

    …-if” scenarios in real-time and make decisions on account-based marketing (ABM) account selection, territory planning, and target market expansion. Targeting Intelligence Best Practices What’s the best way to execute targeted go-to-market strategies like ABM? We’ve learned that the leading B2B marketers follow a three-step process to ensure they’re…

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  • 8 Advanced Tactics For Increasing Your B2B Telephone Sales

    … Telephone sales aren’t what they used to be. It took only 3.68 cold call attempts to reach a prospect in 2007. Today, it takes around 8 attempts. It’s a much tougher climate out there for sure. It took only 3.68 cold call attempts to reach a prospect in 2007. Today, it takes around 8 attempts,... The post 8 Advanced Tactics For Increasing Your B2B Telephone Sales appeared first on Conversion Sciences. …

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  • Study: B2B Buyers Aren’t Too Happy With Salespeople

    … platform, not many B2B salespeople are successfully walking this tightrope. The company, along with researcher Steve W. Martin, surveyed more than 230 decision-makers across industries and departments about their experience with B2B sales processes. Judging by the results, one takeaway is clear: Buyers aren’t happy with B2B salespeople. Overall, only…

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  • Virtual Reality: The incredible experiential sales tool

    … Modigliani’s paintings, using the magic of a virtual reality headset. Imagine that. It’s one thing to look at a painting, or a film, it’s quite another to be immersed in it and live it. That’s a far more powerful experience for the brain than simply reading or watching. It can do the same for your business. Here’s how. Virtual reality for B2B: Show…

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  • Infographic: Which Industries Have the Best Content Marketing?

    … for a given topic. Writers and editors have the ability to produce something valuable that stems beyond an intriguing headline or lede. In the infographic below, check out how three industries—finance, B2B, and tech—compare when it comes to performance metrics. Welcome to the Content Performance Games. How do you match up? The post Infographic: Which Industries Have the Best Content Marketing? appeared first on The Content Strategist. …

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  • New Case Study! How a B2B Company Uses Affiliate for Lead Gen

    … and new customers. We recently had one B2B service provider take a chance on the affiliate model – and on our AP program management team – and leverage it for lead generation and new customer acquisition. And the results have been pretty darn impressive. You can read the full case study and get all the details about the B2B service provider’s…

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  • 5 Basic Content Types Customers Need

    … they start researching your business and offering, often before they even realize they’re in-market. This applies to both B2C and B2B buyers. LinkedIn Research revealed a buyer-vendor (including both marketing and sales) disconnect regarding the purchase information customers need. This includes product information, demonstrations (how-to) and best…

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  • 5 Golden Rules for Your Next Content Marketing Hire

    … to the test. Give them (paid) freelance assignments that mirror the work you want them to do, and see how much they master a subject on their own. For instance, when we were interviewing Erin Nelson for our marketing editor role, I assigned her a 2,000 word explainer on best practices for mid-funnel content marketing in B2B tech. She had a solid base…

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  • 5 Steps to Winning at Account-Based Marketing

    … value in the past. We’re fortunate at Dun & Bradstreet to have access to the same data and analytics capabilities we develop for our customers. We use propensity and attrition analytic models to tell us who is most likely to grow their relationship with us, who we can potentially cross-sell to and who poses a potential risk of not renewing…

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  • Kaon AR: A B2B Augmented Reality Platform

    … Kaon Interactive is a provider of 3D interactive sales and marketing engagement applications. Available on the Kaon High Velocity Marketing Platform�, Kaon AR� is the first B2B marketing application that enables companies to place a fully scaled 3D digital representation of their physical product in their customers� actual environment. On Tango…

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