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  • 5 Magical Tactics for Repurposing B2B Marketing Content

    … of information to prospective customers, many B2B marketers are repurposing. Content repurposing doesn’t always create a very good user experience. Common tactics include things like creating 5 versions of an ebook using different keywords in the titles and changing up examples or deconstructing a large white paper into 15 blog posts covering…

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  • 5 Ways Influencer Marketing Can Grow Your B2B Company

    … to marketing outside of campaigns. To help you expand your view of what B2B influencers can bring to your brand, here are 5 ways working with influencers can increase effectiveness and even reduce costs. 1. Marketing – From content co-creation used in online marketing programs to outright advocacy, the focus for most B2B influencer marketing…

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  • Everything You Need to Know About B2B Mid-Funnel Content

    … strategy ties into brand authority, trustworthiness and recognition. Now, go forth. Channel your inner Joey Tribbiani. Get after that meat. This article originally appeared on Contently. TAGS: audience segmentation, B2B content, B2B content marketing, case studies, content marketing automation, eBooks, email campaigns, email newsletter, fact sheets, Lead Nurturing, lead scoring, marketing automation, Mid-Funnel Content, relationship building, white papers 35 …

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  • Is Your B2B Content Like A Chocolate Fountain?

    Have you ever been to an all-you-can-eat buffet that had one of those flowing, towering chocolate fountains? Remember how it got your attention—how it kicked your sweet tooth into high gear and made you crave its creamy, chocolatey goodness? If you’re like me you could barely make it through the main course because you were giddily anticipating how delicious that rich, sweet chocolate was going.

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  • Making B2B Content Fun to Create, Read and Share

    … marketers have been mastering for decades. The only novel approach left in B2B marketing is the thing that requires the most courage: having a personality. The B2B Borg is Real. Refuse to Assimilate. Though I’ve met a few office robots over the years, I would argue that most business people are in fact humans and not cyborgs from 90’s Star Trek flicks. We…

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  • Study: Content is B2B Marketers’ Biggest Weapon, Challenge

    Can content marketing be both the kryptonite and super strength of inbound marketers’ campaigns? It can, and it is, according to a new report from Ascend2. Of those surveyed—270 marketing professionals across the globe whose inbound tactics are mostly B2B-focused—almost 60 percent identified content creation as their most effective strategy, while 54 percent said it is the mos ...

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  • B2B Marketing Social Media – Why Use What You Think is Ineffective?

    … We’ve been looking at a recent B2B Marketing report from the Content Marketing Institute. As I process its messages and meanings, the most striking revelation to me is the number of B2B marketers who not only remain unsure of the value of Social Media, but also continue to promote platforms that they have strong belief are ineffectual. The table…

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  • The Wrong Success Metrics Drive B2B Content Marketing

    … Why do B2B Marketing organizations exist? I ask the question, because in my experience, far too many marketing organizations are disconnected from both corporate and sales objectives. And as a result, companies falter. We’ve been looking at a recent report from the Content Marketing Institute. They report that B2B marketers have all increased…

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