B2b Influencer Marketing

    • Our Top 10 Influencer Marketing Posts of 2017 Plus Thoughts on 2018

      This year demonstrated an explosion of interest in influencer marketing bringing with it a sharp increase in attention as well as implementation successes and failures. The mixed bag of advice for any shiny new object of marketing attention like working with influencers brings uncertainties, especially with rapid innovation, increased competition and self serving “influencer ...

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  • Learn Influencer Marketing 5 Ways

    … the past 20 years with the advent of disciplines like SEO, social media and content marketing, I’d say the momentum around influencer marketing has many of the same characteristics. It’s here, it’s still early and will continue to grow. While working with influencers isn’t all that new, my experience talking about influencer marketing with B2B brands…

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  • 5 Ways Influencer Marketing Can Grow Your B2B Company

    … Most of the B2B influencer marketing programs that I’ve seen are focused on a handful of marketing objectives for brands that sponsor them. The thing is, like many marketing focused investments, influencer marketing can yield many more benefits than the simple act of a famous person in your industry saying nice things about your product or brand…

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