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    • 11 Content Marketing Tips to Build Your B2B Business

      As the father of an 8-year-old boy, most of my disposable income is tied up in little plastic bricks. In my house, you’ll find thousands of them in bins, several elaborate sets on display, and a distressing number of the (razor-sharp) things underfoot. I’m not complaining, really. I have as much fun building with them as he does.

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    • A significant content insight if you’re marketing personal services

      By Mark Schaefer I recently helped an HR company with a sticky business problem. They were following the “best practices” of content marketing — answering questions, publishing consistently, sharing on social networks — but nothing was happening. In fact their business was in a tailspin. As I reviewed their situation, here are some observations I made: All of their new bu ...

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    • 6 Quick & Dirty SEO Research Tips for B2B Content Planning

      When it comes to crafting compelling content that informs, engages and inspires action, seasoned B2B digital and content marketers know our content needs to captivate both humans and search engines to be effective. After all, 81% of B2B decision makers conduct research before reaching out to a vendor, so we know our content needs to meet them whenever and wherever they’re searching.

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  • 5 TopRank Marketing Team Insights for Finding B2B Content Marketing Inspiration

    … These days, there’s little doubt among B2B marketers that content is the foundation of digital marketing success. After all, studies show that nearly all B2B buyers do some form of online research before making a purchasing decision. As a result, we content creators are tasked with turning out informative, engaging and inspiring content…

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  • 6 Best Practices for Nurturing B2B Marketing Qualified Leads

    … the awesome traffic, engagement and helping move people to the next step. Then look for ways to repurpose and personalize the content in ways that maps to your leads at every stage of the funnel. Read: 5 Magical Tactics for Repurposing B2B Marketing Content #5 – If you’re new to lead nurturing, start small. This one’s pretty simple. If you’re just…

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  • B2B Marketing: Using behavioral data to create a customer-centric website

    … live event interviews, and producing video content. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Mass Communications and Film Studies from Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Ind., and was a correspondent for USA Today College prior to joining MECLABS Institute. Twitter | LinkedIn | Courtney's Posts | Send a Letter to the Editor Categories: Marketing Tags: B2B marketing, brand strategy, DLT, marketing solutions, processes, Thomas Mahoney …

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  • 10 Easy Wins to Improve Your B2B Marketing Leads

    … fundamental truth about our profession. We’re not here to just raise awareness, get subscribers, or foster engagement. All of these goals should be parts of a strategy to get to the ultimate goal: lead generation. We have more tools now than ever before to measure how our efforts translate to leads. Unfortunately, that means marketers—especially in B2B…

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  • Don’t Skip Leg Day: 7 Content Marketing Must-Haves for Healthcare Marketers

    … it far more likely to inspire change. #2: Infographics If your marketing is mostly white papers and blog posts, odds are your audience could use a little visual stimulation. Infographics are a compelling way to present data for any B2B audience. Healthcare audiences are no different; we’re all people, and we all enjoy a good infographic. Good graphic…

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  • Cozy Up With Your New Company: 7 Tips to Transition Into Your New Marketing Role

    … Think back to your first day of school (that you can remember), and take a moment to relive some of those feelings: excitement, worry, happiness, fear and maybe a little nausea. There were a lot of new faces and some familiar ones which helped ease the initial panic. Now, fast forward to “adulthood”. You’re starting a new marketing position…

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  • 12 Ways to Ignite Your B2B Marketing #IgniteB2B

    … B2B is no longer the purview of “boring to boring” but instead represents one of the greatest opportunities for innovation in the marketing world. But what ideas, strategies and tactics are igniting the sales cycles, lead nurtures and ROI performance metrics for B2B brands? To answer that question I reached out to my fellow speakers…

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  • 10 Infographics to Guide Your Content Marketing Strategy

    … to go with the latter. In other words, people like looking at stuff. As such, infographics are rapidly becoming an essential component of a solid content marketing strategy. Free tools like Canva and Pixlr make it easier than ever to turn your data into compelling visual content. The best infographics give equal weight to both parts of the word…

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  • How to Inspire Your B2B Audience with Killer Content Marketing

    … B2B content marketers: It’s time to get over our inferiority complex. Yes, the B2C folks are over there marketing cool stuff like basketball shoes and energy drinks, while we’re stuck with cloud software solutions and medical imaging machinery. Yes, we’re marketing to business professionals on a buying committee that has to commit to million…

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  • Unraveling the secrets of B2B influencer marketing

    … By Mark Schaefer It seems like wherever you turn these days there is another mention, post or case study about influencer marketing. Without question this is a real and important trend but it’s really just starting to creep into the B2B space. I recently had a chance to catch up with Andrew Grill, global managing partner at IBM, to discuss…

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