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  • LinkedIn’s Next Great Tool for B2B Marketing and Sales

    … The salesperson or marketing person who knows the most about their accounts tend to win most often. LinkedIn’s next great tool for B2B Marketing and Sales appears to automate and simplify knowledge gathering. The product is a derivative of Sales Navigator and offers a stream of updates from a company’s target accounts, finding the type of data…

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  • Concerns Ahead for Email Marketing

    Innovation keeps an industry fresh. Yet highlighted in the recent Forester survey on email marketing, the respondents were concerned about the lack of innovation, and the growing consumer email privacy trends evolving. Are concerns ahead for email marketing? Marketers love email for its ability to retain customers, drive sales, and maintain customer loyalty.

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  • Is Email Marketing the New 3 Martini Lunch?

    Email marketing remains one of the most effective programs for speaking directly to and with your customers. Yet with so many potential uses, one appears to be rising to the top. Is email marketing the new 3 martini lunch? A recent survey from Forrester sheds some light on the subject. With data captured in the second quarter of 2014, the survey asked what were the top 5 most ...

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  • B2B Buyers are Smarter – Are You?

    … leverage the product or service to success. Whether marketer or salesperson, how are you adapting to these trends in B2B buying? It may be time to re-engineer your selling process to the 21st century. Stay tuned – that’s our continuing topic this week. The post B2B Buyers are Smarter – Are You? appeared first on Daily Conversions. …

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