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  • Confessions From a (Former) Content Marketing Curmudgeon

    … I was a content marketing curmudgeon. There, I admitted it. The first step to recovery. I’m here to tell you my story and help all content marketing holdouts. No one wants to be a curmudgeon. It’s worse than being called a Luddite. A curmudgeon is an angry Luddite. You want to shout back at a curmudgeon, while you would simply shake your head…

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  • Start for Free: A Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Email Marketing

    … Do experts keep mentioning how email is one of the more effective ways to market your real estate business? Yet you really aren’t sure how to implement it… Or do you have a complex autoresponder running that just doesn’t seem to work? Maybe you haven’t tried internet marketing and still stick mainly to cold calling. Wherever you are, there…

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  • Should You Still Send Plain-Text Versions of Your Emails?

    … sales. Email formatting might be a bit dry, but 300% more sales is riveting. The difference between plain text and HTML emails Before we go a step further, let’s bring everyone up to speed. This is a plain text email: This is an HTML email: The most noticeable difference is the HTML email has images. It also has text formatting and the ability…

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  • 21 Email Marketing Tips For Coaches

    … Every online marketer has a different approach, that is why we have decided to start a series for individual types of email marketers. Today, we start with coaches! There are a lot of coaches around. If you’re a coach, you know this all too well. And while it might sound like I’m about to say “coaches are a dime a dozen”, I’m not. There’s a reason…

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  • 7 Steps to Writing a Killer Customer Survey

    … Surveys are a great way to learn more from your subscribers. Knowing your subscribers can in turn improve service, products and the targeting of your marketing emails. Through a survey a marketer can gauge customer satisfaction, fuel legitimate follow-up contact and identify opportunities for sales. Those are some compelling outcomes! A solid…

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  • What’s the Best Time and Day to Send an Email?

    … Back to the Basics – Easy ways to increase open rates 20 Ways to Double Your Email Open Rate Handle Your Oops: 5 Types of Email Mistakes and How to Fix Them The post What’s the Best Time and Day to Send an Email? appeared first on GetResponse Blog - Email Marketing Tips. …

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