Back To The Future Ii

Back to the Future Part II is a 1989 American science fiction comedy film and the second installment of the Back to the Future trilogy. It was directed by Robert Zemeckis, who directed all three films, scripted by Bob Gale, and stars Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Thomas F. Wilson and Lea Thompson. The plot of Part II picks up where the original film left off. After repairing the damage to history done by his previous time travel adventures, Marty McFly (Fox) and his friend Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown (Lloyd) travel to 2015 to prevent McFly's future son from ending up in jail.
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  • Contently Quarterly: The 2015 Issue

    … Back to the Future II took place in 1985 and imagined the world of 2015. It predicted a lot of things correctly: inventions like videoconferencing, weather apps, tablets, and Google Glass are commonplace. And it got some things wrong too—mainly double ties, the Cubs winning the World Series, and, of course, hoverboards. Well, many…

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