• Still doing guest blogging? Keep these 4 tips in mind

      A lot of people still rely on guest blogging as an ongoing part of their link-building strategy. If you think about it, getting links through guest blogging is much easier than getting links through some other channel. So it’s no wonder that a lot of bloggers and SEO experts still favor this method. The main question is, are these guest post links still safe and viable? The answer is yes.

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  • Why Content Is King and How It Can Benefit SEO

    … of the essentials of SEO. Think of your website’s link building campaign (backlinks), targeted keywords, and your site audit. You might not know it, but these things will not function as it should be without content. Without further ado, let’s get started. #1. Content Ideation and Keywords As most of us know, keyword research and targeting are and always…

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  • Why We Never Do Press Release Distribution Services Anymore

    … to monitor the site for bad backlinks since we don’t want their organic search rankings to suffer if Google believes they’re out spamming PR distribution sites for backlinks. So, not only did the distribution not work, it’s causing us additional grief as we monitor the site’s rankings and organic search engine authority. Download a Sponsored…

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  • How featured snippets can be manipulated by private blog networks

    … Card” and do a quick Google search. Chances are, the site you see ranking is the Simple Dollar. Many SEOs would never think a creditable site like the Simple Dollar would ever purchase backlinks, let alone have someone building links to their pages from private blog networks to increase the authority of these pages and acquire answer box results…

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  • All the Details You Need to Rank with Local SEO Marketing

    … We’ve really been having some fun with a local home service company here in Indianapolis and working on their inbound marketing efforts. Most of our experience to date has been working with enterprise clients who also hoped to rank regionally and we unlocked some great strategies for them. This specific client isn’t in any other city, though…

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  • How to Get Backlinks for SEO: 10 Amazing Free Strategies

    … If you’ve been trying to increase your site’s backlinks in the hope of improving your search engine ranking, you might be struggling to find new opportunities. Some SEO firms will try and convince you that you need to spend some money to get the ranking you desire – but that’s not always the case. In fact, there are some great ranking strategies…

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  • How to Get More Backlinks and Rank Higher on Google

    … Backlinks are still the major indicator Google uses to determine the authority of a blog. The better your backlinks, the better you’ll rank in search results. But they sure aren’t easy to get. Building backlinks is a tricky business because many of the “easy” ways go against Google’s terms of service. What’s more, if you build them in a way…

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  • 25 Ways to Build Better Backlinks to Grow Your Site [Infographic]

    … Posted on 29 November 2016. Tags: backlinking, Backlinks, ways to build better backlinks Cash is often low or at a premium in most startups. And since 90% of them often fail, there is no need to dump thousands of dollars on paid advertising right from the get go. A smarter more intelligent move is to explore the hundreds of free ad options…

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  • Effective Link Earning Techniques Post the Penguin 4 Update

    … Link building has changed quite a bit within the past decade and has become much more challenging than it used to be. It is even more important now to adapt your link building strategies since the Penguin 4 Google Update, which Google announced at the end of last September. Link earning techniques are now more effective than mere link building…

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  • Guide to Google ranking factors – Part 10: backlinks

    … in our Google ranking factors series, check out: Part 9: outbound links Part 8: internal links Part 7: site-level signals Part 6: trust signals, authority and expertise. Part 5: duplicate content and syndication. Part 4: content freshness. Part 3: quality content. Part 2: keyword relevancy, frequency and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). Part 1: on-page signals such as title tags, H1 tags and meta descriptions. …

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  • 5 Ways Your Event Calendar Can Enhance SEO

    … and personalized web. Some of the best ways to optimize your search ranking include increasing the number of individual pages and backlinks, encouraging social sharing and making sure your site always has fresh content. The common thread? All of these can be achieved with the launch of an event calendar. There are efficient ways your online event…

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  • Google Kills Two More Link Networks

    … releases a statement about it (although Barry Schwartz tweeted Karolina Kruszyńska asking if she would name the networks). Google previously targeted Polish link networks back in February in their international links crackdown, which saw many countries targeted for unnatural links. Bartosz Góralewicz ‏was the first to notice the link network penalty…

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  • Google Trusts Links Less After Anchor Text is Changed

    … Google Trusts Links Less After Anchor Text is Changed July 1, 2014 at 8:52 pm PST By Jennifer Slegg It is not unusual for webmasters to tweak anchor text in order to either diversify anchor text or change keywords for higher SEO value. But SEOs might want to take the extra time and ensure the anchor text is correct from the start, as well…

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  • Six lessons advertisers can learn from local SEO

    … Last month, ClickZ Intelligence published its report into ‘The State of Mobile Advertising’, in partnership with Search Optics. Among the report’s findings was the revelation that mobile advertisers are missing out on hyperlocal opportunities in a big way. As our Editor in Chief Graham Charlton observed in the article linked, “With the near…

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  • 7 SEO Key Strategies You Should be Deploying in 2016

    … manipulation, and now our firms are doing quite well. But our approach is multi-channel and not narrowly focused on search itself. We recognize how the ecosystem of digital mediums all support one another. Gone are the days when SEO was still all about focusing on mere keywords, backlinks and page 1 rankings. Search engines are getting smarter, that’s…

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