Bad Actors

  • Who Should Be Responsible For Stopping Programmatic Ad Fraud?

    … that their inventory is clean. The Role Of Supply-Side Platforms Once we move from the publishers to the ad tech players, things get a little tricky. This is where many people get tripped up, so bear with me as I explain. Back in the day, we had ad networks. Ad networks worked with both publishers and advertisers. By doing so, they were able to manually…

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  • Why Programmatic Advertising Fraud Exists

    … a strong position from Mr. Thompson, I’m not sure I agree that programmatic is a dead end, but I do agree with the latter sentiment around incentives. What Thompson is referring to here is that in programmatic advertising, and ad tech in general, almost everyone makes their money on volume and transactions. In other words, the age-old CPM pricing model…

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  • The Many Faces Of Programmatic Ad Fraud

    … The topic of advertising fraud in the programmatic sector is a jugular issue concerning marketers today. The openness that allows advertisers and publishers of any size to participate in the programmatic ecosystem also lets bad actors participate and pollute the quality of the sector. Fraud is the first thing that a marketer must address when…

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