In baseball, a pitcher can commit a number of illegal motions or actions that constitute a balk. Most of these violations involve a pitcher pretending to pitch when he has no intention of doing so. In games played under the Official Baseball Rules, a balk results in a dead ball or delayed dead ball. In certain other circumstances, a balk may be wholly or partially disregarded. Under other rule sets, notably in the United States under the National Federation of High Schools (Fed or Federation) Baseball Rules, a balk results in an immediate dead ball.
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  • Customer Choice and Conversion: Less Is More

    … simplicity. First of all, it’s highly personalized. Second, they are asking customers to buy, not one, but three more products at a bundled rate. Having just spent thousands of dollars on a suit, customers are unlikely to balk at $200 for three custom shirts. Finally, there’s only one promotion with one call to action. The email resulted…

    The Daily Egg- 26 readers -
  • Show Me The Money! 6 Steps To Optimizing Your Payment Process

    … designed. The last thing you want is to trigger alarms in your shopper’s brain with a payment page that looks nothing like the website they just visited. Any visitor would also balk at giving personal and financial information to a poorly-designed form for fear of an insecure transaction. Improve shoppers’ perception of security by displaying…

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  • What is the single customer view and why do you need it?

    In which I try to explain a seemingly complicated marketing term in the clearest language possible. I ran a rudimentary Google search to see what was out there, and of course the Wikipedia entry is the first result. Now don’t balk at this, in a rare moment for this series of beginner’s guides, I’m going to copy exactly what the Wikipedia page for ‘single customer view’ says… ...

    Christopher Ratcliff/ Econsultancy- 3 readers -
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