• ‘The house Jamie built’: How JPMorgan Chase became the industry’s conscience

      For anyone who works at, for or with JPMorgan Chase, there’s a familiar mantra that runs through the entire company. It’s “do the right thing,” a Chase principle that emerged in CEO Jamie Dimon’s first annual letter to shareholders as CEO in March 2006. “Jamie always says, ‘you know what the right thing to do is, we all know what the right thing to do is,’” said Susan Canavari ...

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    • Samsung is working with banks to roll out retail pop-ups

      Banks may soon be experimenting with a new way to engage with customers: retail pop-ups. Samsung’s head of sales for financial services, Reginald Jones, told Tearsheet that the company is in talks with its financial services customers about rolling out retail pop-ups “sooner than in a year.” Those could be in a variety of formats, he said: a bus promoting a certain bank that ...

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    • Banks are falling behind when it comes to understanding — and using — data

      Banks are falling behind when it comes to data strategy, especially when it comes to matching — and competing with — platforms. Finance companies typically monetize data by using it to personalize product offerings for customers, such as credit cards based on transactional history or loan offerings based on customer ages and milestones.

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  • How much of a threat to finance is a ‘Bank of Amazon’?

    … The Digiday Retail Summit is coming up at the end of July and we just opened up a few complimentary passes for brand and retail executives. Interested? Apply here. It seems like there’s nothing Amazon can’t do: Cloud computing services, music and video streaming, payments, credit cards, small business lending. “They’re the everything store…

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  • More than a cash dispenser: How banks are rethinking the ATM

    … Arguably no banking technology in the last 50 years has been as disruptive as the ATM machine, celebrating its birthday Tuesday. Banking may look different on the surface, but its core functions look the same. Growth of mobile banking usage is slowing, mobile payments haven’t really taken off, and banks are re-investing in their branches…

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  • The retailpocalypse: Bank branches are closing in droves

    … There may be no physical institution as historically revered as a bank. Community centers and trusted destinations, the banks of our imaginations are cool and quiet spaces housed inside classical limestone buildings. Ceilings are high, floors are marble; words echo. Behind bronze-framed windows, tellers take money from trusting customers…

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  • How banks are using virtual reality

    … Virtual reality has emerged as a hot topic in banking with the rise of artificial intelligence, innovation labs, and the eath of the physical bank branch. There’s a way to tap into the mind of the customer through VR, but how it should fit into the business is still a mystery for most. Venture capital funding in VR totaled $2 billion from 2015…

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  • Citi CMO Jennifer Breithaupt: Marketing is joining the front lines of banking

    … When it comes to legacy banks, Citi has been one of the front-runners in tackling new technologies. It was one of the first to transform its branches to “smart branches,” offer a mobile-first banking experience for high net worth clients, and has been a mobile banking innovator, introducing functions like charge disputes, and card replacement…

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  • What it will take to make digital identity real

    … The biggest problem with digital identity is that it’s sort of just a pain in the ass. As banks, governments and e-commerce giants try to solve the issue of customers having account overload and password amnesia, the problem becomes that security is just inconvenient: there are so many required security specs for passwords, are many different…

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  • The state of bank innovation in 5 charts

    … Major banks have been doing more work with the startups that once tried to displace them. Most other banks, with fewer customers and less capital, are still figuring out their long-term digital strategies. In the last two to three years, banking giants have invested in fintech startups and partnered with them, they’re opening expensive new…

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  • How Kasisto avoids the financial chatbot fatigue

    … There’s an entire financial chatbot ecosystem emerging in the artificial intelligence space. Chatbots, designed to simulate conversations with human users, have existed for a long time. Now, with so many millennial consumers who prefer digital interactions for accessing and managing their financial services, chatbot popularity has erupted…

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  • Why banking’s ‘omnichannel’ dreams haven’t become reality

    … strategy, the ones that are nailing the “omnichannel” idea are now having to move along pretty quickly anyway as new technologies and, therefore, new experiences emerge, said Meriah Garrett, chief design officer at USAA. “Our members just expect us to be there wherever they are,” she said. “That’s not always in this pure mechanism of traditional…

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  • Bank of America is testing employee-less branches to serve digital-first customers

    … to build brand recognition – a tall order when customers are more open to using a range of products including upstart apps to manage their finances. Other banks are also experimenting with smaller, “smarter” branch terminals, including Citibank. Bank of America said the mini-branch program is meant to test customer response and is not linked to any…

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  • How traffic light colors helped people from overspending

    … How traffic light colors helped people from overspending An east coast based bank reportedly installed a simple feature on their app to keep their customers from overspending. The bank simply put in different colored notifications that would indicate how your spending compared to the previous month. Using the simple red, yellow and green…

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  • How Financial-Services Brands Can Drive Engagement Around Turnkey Events

    … within industry regulations, financial companies can use social channels to foster customer engagement and ultimately, retention. For more insights on how financial services brands can use paid social to boost customer engagement and retention, check out Adaptly’s best practices guide. Ruth Arber is the director of solutions at social media advertising agency Adaptly. Image courtesy of Shutterstock. …

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