• What it will take to make digital identity real

      The biggest problem with digital identity is that it’s sort of just a pain in the ass. As banks, governments and e-commerce giants try to solve the issue of customers having account overload and password amnesia, the problem becomes that security is just inconvenient: there are so many required security specs for passwords, are many different passwords to remember, it’s just e ...

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    • Citi CMO Jennifer Breithaupt: Marketing is joining the front lines of banking

      When it comes to legacy banks, Citi has been one of the front-runners in tackling new technologies. It was one of the first to transform its branches to “smart branches,” offer a mobile-first banking experience for high net worth clients, and has been a mobile banking innovator, introducing functions like charge disputes, and card replacement tracking in the app.

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  • The state of bank innovation in 5 charts

    … Major banks have been doing more work with the startups that once tried to displace them. Most other banks, with fewer customers and less capital, are still figuring out their long-term digital strategies. In the last two to three years, banking giants have invested in fintech startups and partnered with them, they’re opening expensive new…

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  • How Kasisto avoids the financial chatbot fatigue

    … with Dror Oren, cofounder and VP of product at Kasisto, about how it separates itself from chatbot hype, how it’s adapted to technology changes in banking, the company’s long and short term goals. How do you avoid bot fatigue? The way we view ourselves isn’t as a bot company. We’re a conversational AI platform. We enable conversations on different…

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  • Why banking’s ‘omnichannel’ dreams haven’t become reality

    … end of their banking portals – the parts that interact with customers. Some might say they’ve over-invested in that experiences when they should be pouring more into the middle- and back-end – the areas that actually connect with other experiences, other parts of the business and improve seemingly boring efficiencies that actually make a world…

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  • Bank of America is testing employee-less branches to serve digital-first customers

    … to build brand recognition – a tall order when customers are more open to using a range of products including upstart apps to manage their finances. Other banks are also experimenting with smaller, “smarter” branch terminals, including Citibank. Bank of America said the mini-branch program is meant to test customer response and is not linked to any…

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  • How traffic light colors helped people from overspending

    … How traffic light colors helped people from overspending An east coast based bank reportedly installed a simple feature on their app to keep their customers from overspending. The bank simply put in different colored notifications that would indicate how your spending compared to the previous month. Using the simple red, yellow and green…

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  • An Alternative to Banking Problems in Hong Kong – How WB21 Is Changing the Game

    … to set up bank accounts. WB21 is a Financial Institution, offering real-time online opening of bank accounts. Their platform provides every service you have under your current bank account. Accounts can be set up in 18 different currencies. International wire transfers are low cost and extremely fast. It’s quickly becoming the perfect…

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  • eBook: The Email Marketing Guide for Financial Services

    … Email as a channel remains the gold standard when it comes to ROI — according to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing yields a 4,300% ROI for US businesses — and that’s not limited to big brand retail marketing. Heavily regulated industries like financial services continue to rely on email as a cost effective tool to convert…

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  • 9 Steps Banks Can Take to Reach Social Media Success

    … Customer relationships are crucial to every bank’s success, regardless of size and scope of the institution. Keeping communication lines open and giving customers opportunities to connect via their chosen channel will give banks the competitive edge as people seek more personalized interactions. Today’s banking customers have high digital…

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  • Living Systems and The Information First Company

    … A map tracing the information flows within Uber’s San Francisco market. One of the great joys of my career is the chance to speak at gatherings of interesting people. Sometimes it’s an unscripted, wide ranging conversation (like during Advertising Week, for example), but other times it’s a formal presentation, which means many hours…

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