Be A Marketer

  • Why You Need to Give Value to Get Value from Your Marketing

    … Whether you’re sending emails to let people know about your latest specials, posting on social media about upcoming events, or just interacting with a client face-to-face at your store or office — you are marketing your business. And while it might be a surprise, you already know what it takes to be a successful marketer; you just need to put…

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  • Why Consistency is the Key to Your Marketing Success

    … in the process. That’s where marketing comes in. You know customers have expectations for your business, and you work hard to fulfill those expectations on a daily basis. And just like consistency allows you to stand out from your competitors, it will also be critical when it comes to planning your marketing efforts. In the fourth video of our…

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  • The Importance of Paying Attention to Your Marketing Numbers

    … into the types of messages that are resonating with your audience. This is why it’s so important to have tools to track your marketing results. If you’re sending emails to your customers for example, you’ll want to choose an email service that gives you insights like opens and clicks, so you can find out what messages are catching your audience’s attention…

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  • The Importance of a Great Customer Experience

    … Marketing isn’t just about selling products or promoting your services. It’s about building and maintaining the relationships you need to be successful. These relationships start from the second someone finds your business — whether that’s in-person or online. Before you can think about marketing, you need to make sure you’re offering…

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  • Periscope Recap: What Does it Mean to Be a Marketer?

    … What does it mean to be a marketer? That’s the question we wanted to discuss in this week’s live conversation on Periscope. It’s an important question — especially for small business owners who depend on marketing to feed their business, reach new audiences, and turn new customers into repeat buyers. In this week’s session, we discuss: How…

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  • 5 Things Small Business Owners Already Know About Being a Marketer

    … Of the many hats small business owners wear on a daily basis, “marketer” probably isn’t the one you look forward to wearing the most. In fact, marketer may be the hat you keep tucked away in the back of your closet — only breaking it out when you absolutely need to wear it. But even if marketing isn’t your favorite part of the job, you know…

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