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    • Setting Up Your Browser to Increase Your Productivity

      As bloggers we spend most of our work time staring at our browser. How we have a browser set up can have a significant impact on our productivity in two ways: It can help us eliminate distractions. It can help up keep focused on our key activities. Below I am sharing four ideas you can implement to your browser, which will boost your productivity.

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  • How Goal Setting Increases Your Productivity

    … monitor the feedback can motivate you to alter your work practices as needed. In the example of writing an e-book, creating a simple spreadsheet to track how many words you write in each one-hour session and dot point notes on the quality, surroundings, mood of the session etc, can help you track how productive you have been. You can use trends…

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  • New Year Reboot: Make This Your Most Productive Year Yet

    … working style (and *ahem* bad habits), we can easily see where we can cut out what isn’t working and how we can make good habits as automatic as brushing our teeth. If you are working on your productivity for the new year, feel free to look through our Be Productive portal. 5 Ways I Use Habits to Stay Creative and Productive When Working From Home…

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  • 5 Tips to Blog Faster

    … This is a guest contribution from ProBlogger Expert Ellen Jackson of Potential Psychology. Running a business is a time-suck of epic proportion. Planning, administration, product development, sales, delivery, email, bookkeeping, social media, marketing. It takes time. Throw in a family and you flit from demand to crisis without a moment…

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  • Creating a Blog Content Plan for 2017

    … in posts missed from last year If you had a blog content plan from last year, add in any posts you may have missed writing in 2016 to the plan for 2017. By the time you have reached this far, you will hopefully have a full content plan for 2017! This will be a creative guide for you to use as a base to make the blog writing process as efficient…

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  • Five Steps to Have Your Your Blog and Business Run Without You Over The Holidays

    … for all those blog posts you’re sitting on. Go to Google Analytics and look at the top 10 blog posts that bring you the most traffic. Spend a rainy (or sunny) afternoon at your favourite location, going through them and seeing: What you can update copy/ content wise What call to action you need to include Any other posts you can link to within…

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  • How to Conduct Your Annual Blogging Review

    … By ProBlogger Expert Nicole Avery. If you follow even a few blogs as well as this one, you will know that within a few weeks from now there will be numerous posts about setting goals for the New Year. Goal setting is an essential tool to successful blogging, but before you can set a goal, you need to take time and look back over the last 12…

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  • My 6 Best Tips for Beating Blogger Overwhelm

    … This is a guest contribution from ProBlogger Expert Kelly Exeter. It was the toaster that did it in the end. I’d been juggling work around school holidays. I had a book in its pre-launch phase. I was trying to figure out in which of my already tight days I could record four podcasts. And I was on deadline for two guest posts while trying…

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  • Applying the Pareto Principle to Increase Your Productivity

    … detects that your computer is idle, that is you haven’t made an action after a certain time period, it stops attributing time to that application. You can then either login to your dashboard to analyse your time use or wait for the weekly email to come through and see how productive you have been. Rescue Time with your help, with classify sites…

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  • How to Leverage the 80/20 Rule for Blogging Success

    … This is a guest contribution from ProBlogger expert Jerry Low. You may have heard of the 80/20 rule – it was recognized as a concept more than a century ago. In modern times, the rule has been used to achieve a broad range of objectives, from economics to business management to better relationships to weight loss. If you apply the principle…

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  • How Working Fewer Hours Can Increase Your Productivity

    … By ProBlogger Productivity Expert Nicole Avery. We live in a culture that assumes the more hours you work the more work you are doing. Stories are traded of working past midnight or working 10 hour days with no breaks with great pride and being sleep deprived due to work, is treated by many as a badge of honour. But is it productive? If you…

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  • Psychology’s Six Tips for Killer Confidence (and A Story About A Book)

    … By ProBlogger Expert Ellen Jackson. Believe you can and you’re half way there Theodore Roosevelt, allegedly. Once upon a time I decided to write and publish a book. I wasn’t a writer. I had no experience. I had no contacts in publishing. I had no idea really. I just really thought it would be great to write a book. Fast forward two years…

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  • The Science and Art of Batching to Increase Your Productivity

    … By ProBlogger Expert Nicole Avery. Batching is not a new idea, Darren wrote about how batch processing made him 10 times more productive back in 2008, but it is still a very powerful technique to improve your productivity. Batching refers to the process of using blocks of time for specific repetitive tasks where there is sole focus…

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  • Why My Blog Motto is “Done and Not Perfect”

    … By Lisa Corduff. I remember the deadlines at work. Meticulously making sure what I passed to my boss was of the highest quality. I remember expecting so much from myself and my output because there was judgement coming. A “good job” or “fix this up” or “rewrite please”. Working to KPI’s and other people’s expectations means you are always…

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  • How to Consistently Publish Great Content While On The Go

    … use them to stay productive and publish content consistently while I’m on the road. The best smartphone apps to track and publish content consistently 1. Google Apps – for all your online business needs A few years ago I started paying for Google Apps to have my own professional Gmail in addition to using Google Calendar, Google Analytics…

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