• Five mobile must-haves to impact the customer journey this holiday season

      According to Deloitte’s annual retail holiday sales forecast, retailers should expect to see an uptick in both in-store and online sales this coming holiday. With a stable economy, low unemployment and more disposable income, sales are expected to exceed $1 trillion, or a 3.6%-4% increase in sales over the same period last year (November-January).

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  • Taking Proximity Tech Beyond Promotional Offers

    … Many retailers have invested the money to install beacons in stores and deliver location-based promotions and offers to shoppers. According to the most recent report from Proxbook, more than 6.2 million beacons have currently been deployed. But once a program is successful and sales have increased as customers use more promotions, many…

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  • Will the ‘Physical Web’ Help Retailers Reduce Annoying Ads?

    … Since its introduction into the retail world back in 2013, beacon technology has helped brick-and-mortar stores compete in a consumer climate that’s leaning overwhelmingly toward digital. At least, that was the intention But there have been some drawbacks to beacons, enough so that many franchise businesses have shied away from implementing them…

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  • Bringing Brands Into the Fold, inMarket Touts Its ‘Three-Sided’ Beacon Network

    …) is perched the offices of inMarket, hidden behind by an anonymous residential door, at the top of a staircase above the street. Despite the unassuming entrance, inMarket is one of a few beacon companies that is generating cash. Their offices are like a high-tech hobbit’s mansion, a rambling maze of interconnected small rooms, filled with friendly…

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  • Report: Beacons a Slam Dunk for Sports, Recouping Over $1B in Ticket Sales

    … Perhaps the most remarkable things about proximity technology — and beacons in particular — is how rapidly the industry has grown in such a short time. Just this past January, Unacast, which operates a network of beacon and proximity data, revealed in its Q1 2016 Proxbook report a 52% growth in the number of beacons deployed by its members (all…

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  • flok Launches Chatbots to Bolster Customer Engagement for Local Businesses

    … flok Launches Chatbots to Bolster Customer Engagement for Local Businesses July 26, 2016 by Joseph Zappa Leave a Comment Filed Under: News Launched just a couple months ago, customer engagement program flok has announced that its chatbot technology is now being leveraged by thousands of local businesses. flok’s main products center around…

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  • Why Social Data Are Transformational

    …. Here’s why: Known audiences, tied to unique user IDs: People with social profiles volunteer data like age, gender, occupation, location, email, phone and affiliations, which are tied to privacy-safe, unique user IDs. Observable behavior, tied to the same unique user IDs: Observable behavioral data like the websites people visit, key life events…

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  • Video Deep Dive: Facebook and Local Attribution

    …. Even if you don't purchase something, Facebook also will know you visited a store based on a combination of features, from GPS, beacons, Wi-Fi, radio signals and cell towers tied to bricks-and-mortar coordinates. So now, the fact that they were giving away beacons, for example, makes sense in this context of closing the loop of attribution. Mary…

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  • How are beacons going to affect search marketing?

    … Recently I’ve been reading a lot about the effects beacons and proximity marketing may have on search strategy. (I actually work for a company that makes beacons and management software, so it’s not just me being boring). I’ve found little doubt that it will bring some very fundamental changes to the way we reach customers, and the type…

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  • Everything you need to know about AdWords’ store visit conversions

    … only visits a dealership twice before actually buying. You can see more in this video AdWords posted: 4. Is Google using beacons to improve? Google said it is starting to experiment with beacons to improve its algorithm. Google is exploring how to use Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) beacons for in-store analytics and in-store visits. In fact, Google…

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  • Street Culture: Birdzi Finds ‘Liberation’ in Lack of Corporate Hierarchy

    … said. “A year and a half ago when we were deploying in a new store, setting up 50 beacons would take us the better part of a day. We’ve brought that process down to 30 minutes. That was enabled by that one employee.” That employee, Ranjeet Wadhwani, works for Birdzi out of a village in India. Others are based in Boston, California, and Raman…

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  • Why Location Was a Dominant Theme at This Year’s Google I/O

    … Google I/O, Google’s annual developer conference, took place last week, and there were some game-changing updates about how brands and app owners will be able to connect with users and deliver more relevant mobile experiences. With seven sessions devoted exclusively to context-aware and proximity-based mobile interactions, it’s safe to say…

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  • 17 fascinating stats about beacons and location marketing

    … Today we embark on our fifth weekly #ClickZChat, where the good people of SEW and ClickZ take to Twitter to discuss with our expert friends and followers a particularly burning digital marketing related issue. For this week’s chat, we’ll be talking about location marketing, NFC, beacons, and their usefulness for marketers, so please join us…

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  • 5 Monetization Strategies for Beacon Vendors

    … Beacon technology — and the type of customized, personalized marketing it enables — is one of the fastest growing segments of the local industry. As beacons graduate from the “experimental” phase, interest among retailers is expected to explode. In the U.S. alone, in-store retail sales influenced by beacon-triggered messages are predicted…

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