• Unacast, JUICE Mobile Partner to Provide Proximity Data at Scale

    Advertisers using proximity data for retargeting and attribution have another option this morning, as the proximity network Unacast has announced a new partnership with JUICE Mobile, the mobile marketing firm. With this new partnership in place, JUICE Mobile will be licensing Unacast’s beacon and proximity data for advertisers to use in attribution and retargeting campaigns.

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  • Report: In-Store Shoppers Disengage From Social Apps

    … Retailers and brands are pouring billions of dollars into social strategies designed to influence the way shoppers interact with merchandise inside physical stores, but a new study by the in-store beacon platform inMarket shows that marketers focused too sharply on social media apps may be missing the mark. Although social media apps…

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  • Five mobile must-haves to impact the customer journey this holiday season

    … innovation. Ad retargeting As marketers, we all aspire to better understand and impact the customer journey in a positive way. After all, in the end, creating positive customer experiences is really how one brand can truly differentiate itself from another in today’s competitive market. So far, we’ve talked about pre-visit messaging with geo-location…

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  • Taking Proximity Tech Beyond Promotional Offers

    … Many retailers have invested the money to install beacons in stores and deliver location-based promotions and offers to shoppers. According to the most recent report from Proxbook, more than 6.2 million beacons have currently been deployed. But once a program is successful and sales have increased as customers use more promotions, many…

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  • Will the ‘Physical Web’ Help Retailers Reduce Annoying Ads?

    … Since its introduction into the retail world back in 2013, beacon technology has helped brick-and-mortar stores compete in a consumer climate that’s leaning overwhelmingly toward digital. At least, that was the intention But there have been some drawbacks to beacons, enough so that many franchise businesses have shied away from implementing them…

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  • Bringing Brands Into the Fold, inMarket Touts Its ‘Three-Sided’ Beacon Network

    … I’ve been studying how to strike it rich in the Bluetooth beacon ecosystem for over three years now. There’s no question that what beacons enable, by bringing the power of digital into the world of the physical, is going to make some very fortunate people rich. Bringing the techniques that made Amazon great to brick and mortar stores is part…

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  • Report: Beacons a Slam Dunk for Sports, Recouping Over $1B in Ticket Sales

    … Perhaps the most remarkable things about proximity technology — and beacons in particular — is how rapidly the industry has grown in such a short time. Just this past January, Unacast, which operates a network of beacon and proximity data, revealed in its Q1 2016 Proxbook report a 52% growth in the number of beacons deployed by its members (all…

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  • flok Launches Chatbots to Bolster Customer Engagement for Local Businesses

    … loyalty and rewards. In the past, the company has leveraged beacon technology to help small businesses reach out to customers who have previously visited their stores. For example, a restaurant owner using flok might check in with her customers a couple of hours after they have left the restaurant to evaluate their experience and possibly encourage…

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  • Why Social Data Are Transformational

    … characteristics according to device and browser-level activity or research panels that offer limited granularity. Five benefits of social data More relevance: By acting on accurate data about who people are and what they care about, marketers are empowered to connect with their audience segments with greater relevance, based on their wants…

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  • Video Deep Dive: Facebook and Local Attribution

    …. Even if you don't purchase something, Facebook also will know you visited a store based on a combination of features, from GPS, beacons, Wi-Fi, radio signals and cell towers tied to bricks-and-mortar coordinates. So now, the fact that they were giving away beacons, for example, makes sense in this context of closing the loop of attribution. Mary…

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  • How are beacons going to affect search marketing?

    … and benefit from large scale deployment, as they already have large data networks and physical locations). In many cases, this will be about hyper-localised PPC campaigns. On the other, locations providing realtime SEO, with a shifting set of keywords based on whatever is currently happening in-store (or in-museum, or in-restaurant for instance…

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  • Everything you need to know about AdWords’ store visit conversions

    … of your ad spend. In less than two years, advertisers in the retail, restaurant, travel, automotive, and finance industries have counted more than one billion store visits globally. For privacy reasons, in-store conversion data is based on anonymous and aggregated data gathered from people who have Location History turned on. A conversion can’t…

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