• Report: Proximity Solutions Industry Evolving Beyond Retail Marketing

      As the proximity solutions industry undergoes rapid expansion, providers are changing up the technologies they rely on. Meanwhile, industries as varied as healthcare, marijuana, and aerospace defense manufacturing are finding new applications for proximity technology as they track the physical locations of people and assets. A new report by Proximity.

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  • Freckle IoT Inks Global Partnership with Cisco

    … for attribution, Freckle is directly tying opted-in consumers to store visits. The company uses data directly from smartphone handsets and marries it with brands’ global advertising campaigns to show whether specific advertising messages directly result in visits to a business. By connecting to sensors and beacons, including the Cisco Meraki network…

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  • How Advancing Location Tech Can Help Revitalize Retail

    … Digital is not the enemy of brick-and-mortar businesses. That was a key message in a Street Fight webinar Thursday, which featured inMarket and the Integer Group. Despite fears of the disruption that new business models and technology bring, these are can be opportunities for brands to better understand and engage with consumers, said Cameron…

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  • Location Data for Brands: ‘Alternative Facts’ No Longer

    … is certainly working towards that goal. As more and more sensors are deployed in public places, advertisers will get the kind of pinpoint accuracy they crave — and no longer settle for alternative facts. Kjartan Slette is Co-founder and COO of Unacast, which builds the double-deterministic Real World Graph to provide verified location, context and identity to global marketing platforms. Unacast is the world’s largest platform of unique proximity sensor data. …

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  • How Retailers Running Beacon Campaigns Fared This Holiday Season

    … How Retailers Running Beacon Campaigns Fared This Holiday Season January 12, 2017 by Stephanie Miles Leave a Comment Filed Under: News Retail sales were a mixed bag for brick-and-mortar stores this holiday season, with some categories — like electronics and home furnishings—faring better than others. As large retail chains start unpacking…

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  • Unacast, JUICE Mobile Partner to Provide Proximity Data at Scale

    … Advertisers using proximity data for retargeting and attribution have another option this morning, as the proximity network Unacast has announced a new partnership with JUICE Mobile, the mobile marketing firm. With this new partnership in place, JUICE Mobile will be licensing Unacast’s beacon and proximity data for advertisers to use…

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  • Report: In-Store Shoppers Disengage From Social Apps

    … Retailers and brands are pouring billions of dollars into social strategies designed to influence the way shoppers interact with merchandise inside physical stores, but a new study by the in-store beacon platform inMarket shows that marketers focused too sharply on social media apps may be missing the mark. Although social media apps…

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  • Five mobile must-haves to impact the customer journey this holiday season

    … a conquesting program by setting up geo-fences around your competitor location(s) and sweetening the deal to increase your share of wallet and loyalty. Beacon/WiFi intelligence and messaging There has been a lot of talk about the promise of Beacon and WiFi signals to support better customer knowledge, messaging and experiences in-store. According…

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  • Taking Proximity Tech Beyond Promotional Offers

    … to increase sales and customer loyalty. Shekar Raman is co-founder and CEO of Birdzi, a provider of strategic personalization and shopper engagement solutions. He has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry developing algorithms, managing data centers, building servers and writing code. …

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  • Will the ‘Physical Web’ Help Retailers Reduce Annoying Ads?

    … Since its introduction into the retail world back in 2013, beacon technology has helped brick-and-mortar stores compete in a consumer climate that’s leaning overwhelmingly toward digital. At least, that was the intention But there have been some drawbacks to beacons, enough so that many franchise businesses have shied away from implementing them…

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  • Bringing Brands Into the Fold, inMarket Touts Its ‘Three-Sided’ Beacon Network

    … I’ve been studying how to strike it rich in the Bluetooth beacon ecosystem for over three years now. There’s no question that what beacons enable, by bringing the power of digital into the world of the physical, is going to make some very fortunate people rich. Bringing the techniques that made Amazon great to brick and mortar stores is part…

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