Beat System

Beat System was a German Eurodance project in the mid-1990s.Beat System was a duo of the rapper Neal Antone Dyer (Tony T), born in London in 1971, and various female vocalists (Martina Sres, Patty, Jay Babe, G. Fascina). They released five singles, under Intercord label. Their first single, "Dance Romance" was released in 1994, in two versions (called chapters). The vocals were done by Patty. It was arranged and written by C. Kowatsch and Wormit, and mixed By Richard Taylor. "Stay With Me", was written and produced by Axel Breitung and C. Kowatsch, produced by Black Nero, and released in 1995. The following singles were produced by C. Kowatsch, Wormit and Ulrich Dienes.
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