The beetroot, also known in North America as the table beet, garden beet, red or golden beet, or informally simply as the beet, is any of the cultivated varieties of beet (Beta vulgaris) grown for their edible taproots, especially B. vulgaris L. subsp. conditiva. They are among the most commonly encountered varieties in North America, Central America, and Europe.
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  • Eating with John Chow – Seabirds Kitchen

    … almond foam, walnut-date compote, scallions and wild rocket arugula. Extremely refreshing, and very sweet. Burnt brussels sprouts roasted to a crisp and tossed with fried garlic, lime and dijon mustard. This was one of the best brussels sprouts dishes I ever had. Full of flavor, and the garlic added a nice kick. The Holy Smokes Bowl made of brown…

    John Chow/ John Chow dot Com- 7 readers -
  • This Writing GPS Helps You Create Ridiculously Good Content

    … that in many parts of life I consider hopelessly boring and mind-numbing. Like peeling the skins of raw tomatoes—or scrubbing dirt from beets. But in writing, process is necessary because you need a road map to get you to where you need to be—essentially, a kind of writing GPS that gets you from discombobulated thoughts to a coherent, cogent piece…

    MarketingProfsin Content- 7 readers -
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