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  • Google Analytics Goals – Setup Guide

    … are getting to the website and where that traffic is coming from. While this data is very useful, it will not give the Return on investment (ROI) of your marketing efforts. To get any bottom line key performance indicator (KPI) you will need to setup Goals in Google Analytics. This Tutorial will walk you through everything you need to know to set up…

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  • 5 Reasons Why Your Goat is a Terrible Guest Writer

    … the editor ever could on his own. We love seeing people interact, even with us! May the guidelines be with your goat Hey, work is always easier when you have a map to follow. The geography of guest blogging is fairly simple if you have the right guide(lines). Never be afraid to ask the editor for advice. Sometimes you may not understand the rules…

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  • A Guide to Creating a Compelling Email Message #Infographic

    … your messages before you send them. Check the copy for typos and make sure that the template looks great in different email clients. Use multiple devices to see if your message looks great on different platforms. Now, enjoy our infographic and let it serve as a reminder and summary of what you need to remember in your email marketing. Share with us…

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  • Top of the Email to Ya – More Navigation Bar Savviness

    … the Life’”. Cool in this instance is that it is an extra call to action. The handwritten font with an arrow (the small one, the other one I added), and an icon make it all stand out and demand just that little bit of extra attention. Put some color in your messages. You can use color to draw attention to a certain area. This BBC Shop email…

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  • The 7 Deadly Don’ts of Email Marketing

    … Just like any other form of communication, email marketing requires the right pace and some tact. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t know when they’re crossing the line with their subscribers. Let’s explore some of the deadly mistakes email marketers make. These may cost you subscribers, conversions and maybe even your reputation. If your emails…

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  • 11 Killer Email Marketing Tips for Affiliates

    This post continues our series of email marketing tips for specific kinds of businesses. In the last installment I wrote about email marketing tips for coaches. In the next post I’ll write about email tips for small businesses. This post is all about affiliates, let’s jump in! Of all marketers, affiliate marketers have some of the best reasons to do email marketing.

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  • Pinterest Power Tips to Turn Your Content Pro

    … with your images. You want to be thinking beyond simple shots of your products, and instead explore some ideas of how you can turn your reviews, customer testimonials, positive PR, and product or service descriptions into a visual. One of the great things about PicMonkey is that it is easy to use, feature-rich, and of course free (though you can…

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