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  • The Best Content Marketing of May: Brands, Take Note

    …. Headlined by Airbnb’s new venture, here’s a look at some of May’s best content marketing. Airbnb: Airbnbmag This isn’t Airbnb’s first foray into print. In 2014, the company published Pineapple, a travel magazine distributed to 18,000 of its hosts. But Pineapple got canned after only one issue due to wary executives, according to The Wall Street…

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  • The Best Content Marketing of 2016

    … This year’s top content marketing covered topics like dating, science, politics, mascara, Ryan Reynolds, trap music, and anthropomorphic breakfast food. While some brands fell back on conventional marketing—the average TV commercial, the basic how-to article, the microsite that only 12 people visit—these companies cut through the noise by taking…

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  • The Best Branded Content of September: Election Season

    … Last Monday, I shut off the presidential debate after 28 minutes. I was looking for an excuse to go for a jog that night, and after hearing Donald Trump say a word that sounded like “bigly”—more on that later—I put on my Nikes. I figured I’d have plenty of time to catch up on all the shimmies, sniffles, and sound bites over the next 24 hours…

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  • The Best Branded Content of February

    ….” Someone should probably be fired—or, at the very least, have snack privileges taken away for a week. Nonetheless, it’s a great example of a brand using internal data to tell a story. Bernie Sanders: “It’s Not Over” Political preferences aside, this is one of the most powerful campaign ads I’ve ever seen. Activist Erica Garner—daughter of Eric Garner…

    Joe Lazauskas/ The Content Strategistin Content- 36 readers -
  • The Best Branded Content of January

    … were built for distinctly different channels, but the thread between them isn’t apparent. That’s a problem—and a difficult one to solve. But as the best branded content in January demonstrates, it can be done. Deadpool: The whole marketing campaign If you’re like me, you already can wait for the superhero movie trend to be over. Unfortunately…

    Dillon Baker/ The Content Strategistin Content- 24 readers -
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