Best of Breed is the title given to the dog who has been judged the best representative specimen of its breed at a conformation show.Dogs compete in a hierarchical fashion at each show, where winners at lower levels are gradually combined to narrow the winners until the final round, where Best in Show is chosen.Each breed is divided into classes based on sex and age. Dogs (males) are judged first, in their age classes. Within one breed, there are puppies (dogs under a certain age), mature male dogs (subdivided by age into junior, limit (or intermediate) and open); bitches (female dogs) have corresponding classes.
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  • Balloons, Bubble Gum, and Martech: Which One Doesn’t Belong?

    … finding the right technology to support their specific marketing strategy and objectives. Marketers’ needs are unique, which is why nearly half of marketers polled 48% have built their stacks with best-of-breed solutions Tweet This!, while only 21 percent use a single vendor suite. In fact, 83% of marketers using integrated best-of-breed solutions…

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