• Yikes! I’m Pregnant!I Need the Best Maternity Pillow Ever

    … Ever been pregnant? I am right now, for the third time, and it ain’t no picnic (as my mother used to tell me at least ten times a day)! If you have, you’ll know that the night hours are the most uncomfortable time of day. You need the toilet five times a night. You have heartburn so badly you need to sleep sitting up. But worst of all, you just…

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  • The Best Type Of Pillow For Side Sleepers To Own

    … For side sleepers, finding the right pillow is more than just a matter of comfort and preference. It can be a serious health problem. Many side-sleepers suffer from neck or back pain that lingers with them throughout their day and keeps them up at night. Best Pillow for Side Sleeper Normal pillows are also notorious for going flat during…

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  • Best Latex Pillows For A Good Night Of Sleep

    … When I hear the word ‘latex’ my very first thought goes straight to gloves and unpleasant memories. I think of doctors, nurses, and cleaning dishes in the kitchen. Comfort and latex simply do not go together in my mind. However, finding the best latex pillow has the ability to change that. Latex pillows are incredibly comfortable and are also…

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