• Time to show ICANN who’s boss!

    … into it, and given the difficulties the industry is in right now there may be more concerns than usual. Anyway, this is the way ICANN works right now. It would make for more interesting reading if a triumvirate of Iran, China and Russia now ran the show, but they don’t. You lot do. Just be glad Donald Trump isn’t holding the reins. Sorry, that was also trite, wasn’t it. Tweet Tagged: accountability, bgc, empowered community, ICANN, icann 59, johannesburg, reconsideration, rfr …

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  • .gay, .music and others in limbo as ICANN probes itself

    … it with documents it used to reach its decisions in multiple controversial CPE cases. A couple of weeks ago, BGC chair Chris Disspain explained all this (pdf) to the applicants for .music, .gay, hotel, .cpa, .llc, .inc, .llp and .merck, all of which are affected by the delay caused by the investigation. He said that the investigation would be completed…

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  • dotgay has a third crack at .gay appeal

    … of procedure: considering the fact that the CPE Process Document – which is considered by the BGC to be “consistent with” and “strictly adheres to the Guidebook’s criteria and requirements”, it is clear that the verification of the letters should have been performed by an independent evaluator… and not by someone “responsible for communicating…

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