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    • Seasonal Bidding Methods: Holidays Already?

      October 19, 2016 Happy Holidays everyone! Well, that may be a bit premature, but not in the advertising world where the preparation for the largest sales days of the year begins early. With the holidays coming up, it is only right that we begin speaking to seasonality and how to bid differently based on seasonality.

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  • Adwords Event Recap: Device-Specific Bid Adjustments

    …. For customers with smaller budgets, it should be noted that the account should average 50 conversions over the past 30 days in order for Smart Bidding to work properly. Device-specific bid adjustments can be built into scripts, with API support also available. It is now expected that each device will have its own modifier, with the base bid set equal to the average bid for the three device types.…

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  • Be In The Know About Upcoming Improvements To AdWords Automated Bidding

    … insight into the process. Bid statuses are either inactive, not limited, limited, or learning. You can even see why the bidding strategy is in the learning status by hovering over the speech bubble similar to checking why an ad was disapproved. Statuses also update whenever changes are made to the campaign’s budget or settings and even when keywords…

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  • Understanding Budget’s Role In PPC Account Performance

    … with the big bosses or clients and could be tough to shake. You’ll want to research all aspects of the account launch prior to going live to ensure all of your bases are covered. How you structure the campaigns and where you drive traffic plays a huge role in the performance of the account, but what about a strategy for budgeting? How can budget…

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  • Automate And Manually Change Bids With Excel

    … into paid search advertising, the typical response back is: “I do data analysis and make decisions on how much to bid on search queries and ad space online.” Bid is one of the first words you associate with your job. It is one of the most important parts of your job. Is Paid Search simply bidding on keywords and finding the best bid amount for you…

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  • Create Over 100 Alerts You’ve Always Wanted, But Never Had.

    … with Hero Pro. Just select your metric, percentage, greater than / less than, date range, and campaign/s to apply the alert to. That’s it! Budget Alerts At 80% of budget for the month? Quickly decide where to allocate the last 20%. Want to know when to move budget from one lower performing campaign to higher performing campaign? Be alerted when your…

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  • How Football Shaped My Philosophy Regarding PPC

    … PPC to me is a lot like football. Building successful paid search accounts requires a well-defined philosophy for approaching account work, a strong game plan, and solid execution of the plan you spent all that time creating. Football coaches subscribe to either an offensive or defensive philosophy. Offensive minded coaches believe in high…

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  • An Explanation Of The Adwords Conversion Optimizer Tool

    … the ‘settings’ tab on campaign(s) you want to opt into conversion optimizer. Scroll down to ‘bidding and budget’ and click ‘edit’ next to ‘bid strategy’. Click the ‘focus on conversion’ radio button. This will opt you into Conversion Optimizer. Under ‘advanced options’ enter either a max or target CPA. AdWords will show a recommended bid or you can…

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  • 2015 Prediction: The Year of Bid and Budget Automation

    …. After all, if budgets are not properly managed, business metrics can be severely impacted. Improperly managing bids can lead to missing out on opportunities (not getting enough traffic) or overpaying for keywords, creating negative return on investment. Today we’re going to discuss why automating bid and budget management is critical…

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  • Save An Hour A Day With 4 Easy To Use AdWords Scripts!

    … What’s the best things about these scripts? They’re fast and convenient, easily scheduled to run when you want, reports are sent straight to your inbox, they help get your morning off to the right start, and quickly perform daily time-sucking tasks for you! Never used AdWords Scripts before? No worries, I’ll walk you through the 1 minute setup…

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  • New Scripts! Enhanced Monthly Budget Projections and Display Audit

    … placements can help identify which placements to pause. Cut CPA and quickly identify non-converting placements. Why we love it: Set your CPA and quickly check your display placements, and outputs Cost, Conversion, View Through Conversions (or VTC), and places any over CPA limits into a spreadsheet. These scripts are only available with a Hero Pro…

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  • 3 Quick Tips To Simplify Your Bid Optimizations

    …, but the options can be overwhelming at times. So lets break down your three main choices – Conversion Optimizer, Bid Strategies, and Automated Rules – so that you can identify what matters most to you and your accounts. Conversion Optimizer is a campaign-level bidding option that allows you to set your CPA goal as it searches for as many…

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  • Rev Up Your PPC Strategy!

    … neglect the rest of the campaign, or never touch that component again, but eliminate the ‘noise’ so you can focus on the areas that matter most. The key is to end the time period feeling confident that the time spent has yielded the most return from that strategy. For example, if the account were still running with -100% bid modifiers and your goal…

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