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    • Four marketing mega trends nobody’s talking about

      By Mark Schaefer This is the time of year people post their prognostications for the next year. The predictions will be … predictable: More video! More Snapchat! More podcasts! Well, OK. It’s pretty easy to make a prediction based on what’s already happening. But there are less obvious tectonic forces rumbling through our marketplace.

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  • How to create a winning strategy with crappy content

    … or conference soon. Illustration courtesy Flickr CC and Robin Zebrowski Related Posts Tags: automated writing, economics of content marketing, marketing companion, podcasts Posted in Artificial Intelligence, B2B and social media, Big Data and Analytics, Content distribution, Content Marketing, Content Shock, economics of social media, futurist, innovation, Marketing Strategy, Podcasts, Technology, The Marketing Companion | No Comments » All posts …

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  • Social media predicts the next Carpool Karaoke stars

    … By Hannah Chapple, {grow} Community Member Karaoke, anyone? Last week, Apple Inc. announced they’ve ordered a 16-episode Carpool Karaoke series from CBS to be hosted exclusively on their online music-streaming service, Apple Music. If you’ve never watched the Carpool Karaoke skit, well, you’re missing out — big time! The new Apple series…

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  • The new psychology of content consumption

    … eBook co-authored with Mark Schaefer called How to Identify, Understand and Grow Your Ideal Content Audience. Check it out, as well as their new free audience Discovery tool. Affinio is an advanced marketing intelligence platform that leverages the interest graph to understand today’s consumers. Affinio believes that if we can understand individuals…

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  • Research shows “be more human” really works

    … are managing a brand’s social media presence, you probably come across recommendations such as ‘interact regularly with your customers on social media’, or ‘humanise your brand’. But does it work? According to a series of studies, conducted by Simon Hudson, Li Huang, Martin S. Roth and Thomas J. Madden, with social media users in France, the UK…

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  • The overwhelming implications for driverless cars and marketing

    … alert” if there is a famous joint nearby as I zoom down the Interstate, especially if a coupon comes with it. I’ve had fun dreaming up the possibilities of driverless cars and marketing possibilities, but I’m sure you have some reactions and ideas, too. Why not share them in the comment section? Posted in Big Data and Analytics, blogging, Content…

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  • Why the sales funnel is alive and well and living on the web

    … isn’t driving the visibility they need for their businesses. The “build it and they will come” era for most industries is over. With social media moving towards newsfeed algorithms and reduced organic visibility it’s becoming a pay to play channel. Add to that the highly publicized content explosion that’s happening now and many of us…

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  • Research proves there is still a place for long form content

    …% of long-form interactions take place in the first three days. There is another aspect to long-form content overlooked by many marketers today. Buzz Sumo, The New York Times and other organizations have determined that longer content gets shared more. I think the lesson here to re-think your strategy if you’re only dosing your customers with short…

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  • Market networks bring businesses into the “enabling economy”

    … nor the customer matter. An Uber driver doesn’t know the customer and the customer doesn’t know the driver. They may never connect again. But what if the service provider and client DO matter? What if you want to do business with a very specific person? Jonothan Yoffe, the founder of AnyRoad described how he got the idea for his travel-related…

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  • Driving economic benefits from your Alpha Audience

    … I remember the day well. It was in March 2013. I was on a long plane flight and could not shake this uncomfortable feeling I had about the state of digital marketing. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but my job just seemed harder than it was a year ago. And then I saw data on the exploding amount of content on the web, the ever-rising level…

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  • The Fatal Flaw of A/B Testing

    … for significance of a 25% change off of an expected 4% conversion rate… well, you’d need to send it to more than twice as many subscribers than you actually have. Whoops. So yeah. Don’t always trust an A/B test without putting some serious thought into it. My best suggestion? Narrow it down to a few options, sleep on it, and then in the morning…

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  • Highlights from SXSW 2016

    … hand … A blog fan recently sent me a nice note telling me that she starts each day with a cup of coffee and my blog. I have become part of the fabric of her life. Would she create an emotional attachment to a computer? Maybe, but let’s hope not. Personal robots Personal robot “Pepper” seemed to breathe and move naturally. The robots on display got…

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  • 3 Ways to know your prospects as well as they know you!

    …. That is, getting to know them. Understanding what it is they’re looking for, and then giving them that. Today I’ll go through three ways you can get to know your prospects in 2016. What Is A Prospect? First, the marketing jargon. Some companies get all fancy and use terms like MQL (marketing qualified lead) and SQL (sales qualified lead). Perhaps…

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  • Why brand building depends on the imbalances in people’s lives

    … success. In this discussion you’ll learn: How refrigerator magnets provided the clues to an entirely new business model Social media’s new role in marketing discovery. Why Facebook is the new “bedroom wall.” How your social media “discontinuity” provides clues into how you are trying to fool people. Brand-building works when we find…

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  • Three companies using IT for dramatic transformation

    … Firestone is best known for tires but they are also using big data to transform their automotive repair centers.In this case, technology is where the rubber meets the road. Repairing cars is still as much as an art as a science. There can be multiple causes for problems and even the process of FINDING the problem can be expensive. Firestone Service…

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