Big Data And Marketing

  • Big data for marketing? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

    … at “Big Data for marketing” and chuckle at how worked up we got over so little. Why? The data we have today is just a tiny sliver of the data we will be swimming in soon. Some of this new data may be terrifying. But the data we have today was terrifying in concept just 10 years ago. As we have in the past, we will come to accept that much…

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  • Your marketing success may hinge on Gray Social Media

    … to find more of those people for our businesses, but if most of this powerful audience lurks in the shadows, how do we know they’re there? Gray social media I would like to propose today that between dark social media and light social media, there is a third category that is rich in undiscovered marketing opportunity — Gray Social Media. These…

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  • Three implications for Big Data and your marketing department

    … Unless your Big Data is coming from a proprietary source, it’s likely that your competitors are seeing the same bar charts that you are. For example, what if you were a marketing executive for a cellular service company and you were looking at a data display indicating the geographic pockets in America that are using the most data minutes/day…

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