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Bing Ads (formerly Microsoft adCenter and MSN adCenter) is a service that provides pay per click advertising on both the Bing and Yahoo! search engines. As of the fourth quarter 2012, Bing Ads has 15.6% market share in the United States.
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    • Bing Ads Editor Makes It Easier to Manage Shopping Campaigns

      September 23, 2016 In the Philippines, the last 4 months of the year are lovingly referred to as the “Ber Months” and September 1 marks the first day of a long-awaited holiday season. For advertisers, it’s not much different. Even as Q3 comes to a close, companies have already started preparing for end-of-year holiday sales and innumerable promos to roll out in coming months.

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  • Why are payday loan ads still showing on Google after the ban?

    … Bing search engine has not instituted a specific ban on payday loans, but its financial products policy notes that ads for payday and other small-dollar loans are among the products that “can raise appreciable compliance concerns and may attract heightened scrutiny”. In some cases, consumers won’t have the option of turning to agencies like the FTC…

    Ginny Marvin/ Search Engine Landin SEO Google- 13 readers -
  • Be In The Know About The 4 Latest Bing Ads Updates

    … October 5, 2016 If you haven’t been paying attention, Bing Ads has recently released a slew of updates. Many of these updates follow the AdWords train and should be welcome by PPC professionals. In this post, I’ll go over these 4 crucial updates. Expanded Device Targeting Bing Ads is now giving us more control in setting bid adjustments…

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  • Bing Ads opens pilot for device bidding

    … Bing Ads is testing changes to device bidding in the wake of Google’s move to revert back to distinct device bidding (though the bid adjustment structure remains) for desktop, tablet and mobile introduced in 2013 with Enhanced Campaigns. Even through the Enhanced Campaigns period, Bing Ads had always offered more control with a tablet bid…

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  • Bing partners with CBS Interactive in syndication deal

    … Microsoft has struck a syndication deal with CBS Interactive for the Bing search network. The partnership makes Bing Ads the exclusive search provider for some CBS Interactive sites, including,,, and Bing will also provide search solutions for properties like,…

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  • Bidding on the competition: Is it really worth it?

    … These days, bidding on your competitors’ branded terms has become a common practice for paid search advertisers. To be honest, the logic behind this trend seems sound. After all, if someone is typing in a competitor’s business name, they are interested in what your competitor has to offer… which means they are probably interested in what you…

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  • Bing news update: three latest developments

    …. Structured Snippet extensions are coming to Bing Ads Bing is introducing its own rich set of extensions so advertisers can tailor ads exactly the way they like. As Bing states, “Structured Snippets enable you to highlight specific aspects of your products and services that are important to you.” First choose a header to provide context for what you’d…

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  • Bing Ads apps keep getting more useful, now with bulk editing

    … The Bing Ads apps on iOS and Android are steadily becoming more and more useful for actual management, not just monitoring (and outpacing AdWords apps in functionality). In June, Bing Ads gave users the ability to edit text ads from its iOS and Android apps. With the update announced Tuesday, app users no longer have to pause or enable items…

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  • Expanded Text Ads And Other Bing Ads Editor Updates

    … August 26, 2016 As you may remember, Bing announced in June that it would soon be supporting Expanded Text Ads in its advertising platform, mirroring the latest ad format from Google. Bing has been quick to keep its promise, launching the ETA pilot early this week for Bing Ads users. According to Program Manager Jamie Chung, all accounts…

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  • Bing Ads opens pilot for Expanded Text Ads

    … Shortly after Google formally announced Expanded Text Ads would be coming to AdWords, Bing said it would add support for the new longer text ad format. On Tuesday, Bing Ads began accepting advertisers into a pilot for ETAs. To get into the test, you’ll need to provide contact information and customer IDs in an application form. Bing Ads…

    Ginny Marvin/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 7 readers -
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