Bing Seo

  • Bing says links are still a very important ranking factor

    …. Here is a snippet of the interview that drew our attention: “We’re still not at the stage where links are going to go away, and so they will continue to be a factor that we look at,” says Murray, in the interview conducted in Paddington, London. “What we might see is that links start to decrease in importance that they have in the general context…

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  • Bing now supports ClaimReview markup for fact labels in search

    … Nine months after Google began supporting the ClaimReview markup, designed for fact-checking review of claims made or reported on on webpages, now Bing has added support in their markup documentation. The new section for Bing’s ClaimReview says “ClaimReview annotations should be used to convey that the page contains fact check information…

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