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    • Essential voice search strategies for 2017

      There’s one thing that remains true about SEO: it’s always changing. One of the big changes that we’re experiencing now in local SEO is the increasing popularity of voice search. Voice search used to be a novelty — now it’s a necessity, especially when you’re on the go with your smartphone or tablet.

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  • Why retailers shouldn’t overreact to the voice search revolution

    … If recent accounts on the rise of voice search are anything to go by, the volume of long-tailed queries with more natural language and searches with a question is heading nowhere but up and to the right. This, the argument goes, should in turn impact our digital strategy as we strive to account for the inherent differences in typed search vs…

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  • Son of Siri: Viv aims to go way beyond today’s digital assistants

    … that apps will stick around for the foreseeable future. According to 2015 research from MindMeld, use of voice search and virtual assistants is growing dramatically. In addition, Amazon Echo (with assistant Alexa) has proven to be the company’s most popular hardware device. And Microsoft just announced that Cortana “has helped answer over 6 billion…

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  • Microsoft Silences “Hey Cortana” In US Version Of Android App

    … disrupted use of the microphone. It’s not clear whether the feature will come back in a future version when the bug is fixed. Google offers the “OK Google” hands-free search capability and iPhone owners can invoke Siri with “Hey Siri” (only when plugged in to a power source). I haven’t seen any data on how popular or widely used hands-free voice…

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