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  • What’s the Deal: Airbnb vs the Hotel Industry

    …. Interesting Hotel Facts and Stats Global hotel industry total revenue (source) Hotel advertising spending is 19% of all online ad spending (source) $26.14 Billion worth of travel sales are made through smartphones or tablets (source) How Independent Hotels can Compete In this lodging industry war, independent hotels have it the toughest…

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  • The Benefits of a Virtual Hotel Tour

    … standing in whatever part of the hotel there’s a virtual tour of. With a virtual tour, guests have the chance to feel what it’s like to be inside your hotel before they get there. The interactive nature of the hotel virtual tour is one of it’s biggest benefits. In the era of social media, audiences and travelers want to be able to connect…

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  • Why you Should be Using Long Tail Keywords

    … into the copy on your website, blogs, and videos. Google will analyze this content and make sense of all of it all. Then, whenever someone makes a targeted search that matches your keywords, these pages will appear in the search results. Long tail keywords are becoming more popular among marketers and SEO professionals. Because searchers usually know…

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  • The Best YouTube Alternatives

    … audience are those looking for personal and business videos. If you want to post a great promo commercial or a video at a special event near your hotel, you can post it on Dailymotion. Because it’s based in Europe, travelers from across the ocean can easily find and view your videos. Dailymotion supports playback on all forms of digital devices and even…

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  • Why Some Hotel Websites are Successful

    … In the never ending battle for better direct booking numbers, hoteliers must find ways to outshine their competition and present a powerful image in the eyes of the consumer. How travelers see and identify your hotel is all based on your marketing strategy. The best canvas for marketing is the internet, and more specifically, your hotel website…

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  • The Power of the Hotel Concierge App

    … service for their guests. Smaller hotels can also take advantage of this technology to give themselves a competitive edge. In the same Tech Impact Report data, 39% of travelers said they are more likely to book a room in a hotel with mobile check-in. A mobile concierge app can be a useful tool to attract more guests to your hotel. The fear that some…

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  • Why Millennial Travelers are Important

    …, many hotels are changing their marketing strategies to cater to the needs of Millennial travelers. Don’t underestimate this generation: besides the fact that the millennial population is 80 million strong, there are a few other reasons why marketing to Millennial travelers will be advantageous for your hotel. Travel site has already…

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  • What Hoteliers Need to Know About Bleisure Travelers

    … to the nearby festival, amusement park, top tourist destinations, etc. Instead, if a majority of your bleisure guests travel with their significant other, then tailor your package to a romantic evening on a cruise or a combination of a spa and fancy dinner date. According to a 2014 BridgeStreet Global Hospitality survey, 83% of business travelers use…

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