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  • 7 Lessons on Getting 20,000 Comments on Blog Tyrant

    … The comment count on Blog Tyrant currently sits at 19,975. With any luck this post will tip it over to the 20,000 mark, something I never imagined possible. This seems like a nice milestone to write some reflections on how we got here, and what it has meant to me personally. I’m really not sharing this number to brag, but to take some time…

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  • The secret reason your blog comments are down

    … By Mark Schaefer The number of comments I’m receiving on my blog has been in sharp decline for the last three years. And I don’t care. Today I’m going to tell you why. Content on the rise First, let’s go through the facts of the situation. Over the past three years, the number of subscribers to my blog has gone up dramatically. The social…

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  • 8 Tips to Get an Unending Torrent of Helpful Blog Comments

    … Blogging From Paradise currently has 6,848 approved comments. My old blog was comment-free for many months. How did I go from comment ghost town to thriving comment party? By following the steps below. Don't get it twisted; attracting an unending torrent of comments takes work but this happy toiling produces sweet benefits like: increased…

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  • How to Make a Quiet Blog More Interactive

    … Cats! You do it with cat photos. Thanks for reading. Just kidding… One of the most rewarding parts of running a blog is the community that springs up around it. Making your blog more interactive could be one of the best things you do. Here at Blog Tyrant I feel so fortunate to be able to read and respond to dozens of comments on each post…

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  • How To Get Your First 500 Blog Comments [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Picture this: You pour your heart and soul into writing a blog post. You polish up the post and you sit back with a grin on your face – it’s your best yet and you can’t wait to share it with the world. Then this happens: You publish your post and wait patiently for all of the comment notifications to appear. A few trickle through but nowhere near how many you imagined.

    Adam Connell/ Blogging Wizard- 26 readers -
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