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  • How to find homegrown content marketing evangelists

    … created by a company’s customers, suppliers, community members, and other stakeholders. Examples might be: A community member or civic leader blogging about how you are a good corporate neighbor to mark a company anniversary or milestone. A supplier blogging about a new cooperative practice that will result in new benefits for end customers…

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  • 10 Maxims of Successful Blogging

    … world. The only way to stand out is to dig down deep and bring your own story to the world. Your point of differentiation is you. You have no competitors. Write a blog post that only you could write. 2. The biggest challenge to blogging isn’t having the time, the ideas, or the resources to do it. It’s having the courage to do it. It takes guts…

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  • How I totally screwed up my blogging strategy

    … By Mark Schaefer A few weeks ago, I sat down to prepare for the upcoming week’s blog schedule and I became paralyzed. For the first time in years, I seemingly had nothing to write about. I knew if there ever came a time when I had to “force” content onto {grow} it was a sign that I needed to stop blogging so this was a bad sign. It is quite…

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  • How often should I blog? Five steps to answering the question

    … a limit where you are delivering quality with every post. I hope these five guidelines shed some light on an ideal publishing schedule for your own blog. Are there considerations I missed? Mark Schaefer is the chief blogger for this site, executive director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions, and the author of several best-selling digital marketing…

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  • When Social Media Piranhas Strike

    … and energy into coming after you. So why give them a reason to do it? Role Model, Icon, Celebrity = Influencer Whatever you want to call them, an influencer is a good person to know. They are even better for helping your business or personal brand (influencer marketing as Mark talks about). If they like or know you well enough, they may even promote…

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  • Do you have to be a great writer to be a great blogger?

    … in the blogging world because people don’t have the patience to wait for your conclusion. Start with the conclusion and then explain it. I see too many posts that do not get to the guts of the issue until you are one-third down the page. The magic of RITE In my classes, I urge students to create content through the filter of RITE. It should…

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