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  • Influencer Marketing: Building Successful Relationships

    … on your marketing and digital PR efforts. There are several tools, such as FollowerWonk and Traackr, available to help identify influencers in a particular industry. Still, don’t forget about common platforms like Google and social browsing. For example, say you are looking to find influencers in the beauty industry. If you search Google for terms…

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  • Four Ideas to Start Monetizing Your Blog

    …). What I am trying to say here, is just in this paragraph is a representation of communities galore! And successful ones, at that! But, let’s not stop there. One of the best community builders I have ever met is right here on this blog (that is part of the reason why there are so many awards shown to the right!). Her name is Gail Gardner. Gail…

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  • Blogger Outreach: EARNED Versus Paid Media ~ Should Bloggers Work For Free?

    … elaborated on that topic in Ethical Blogging: Bloggers Is YOUR Opinion for Sale? Is Traditional Media Unbiased? You are arguing that YOU should be paid for your work coordinating blog outreach, but that bloggers should want to work for you for free for what? The prestige? Because they love the big brand that is rolling in profit who would prefer…

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  • Buying links gives way to buying influence– is it the same game?

    … We’ve said that paying for content is like paying for sex. If your content is awesome, you shouldn’t be paying them– they should be paying you. Same for any type of content sharing or work. Have You Received One of These? Examole of an email requesting paid guest posting In the last fifteen years, I’ve gone to a few hundred conferences and paid…

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  • How To Build Great Relationships With Bloggers

    … a strong relationship with a blogger, show them that you’ve read their blog and that you think it’s good. Be sincere – bloggers can spot cynical flattery a mile away. In fact, you really should be genuinely interested in what a blogger writes – this is a good sign that they can connect with their audience. There are lots of other ways to show bloggers…

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  • How to Boost Blog Outreach and Influencer Engagement on #AtomicChat

    … Monday night I was the guest on the Twitter chat #AtomicChat where we discussed blog outreach and how to find influencers to increase your engagement and sales. Atomic Reach compiled my suggestions and those of many other experienced marketers into this slideshare: How to Boost Blogger Outreach and Influencer Engagement: There is a written…

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