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  • How to Make Effective Posts Using Three Storytelling Techniques

    Stories have always been an effective way for people to learn and entertain each other since prehistoric times. Before the invention of writing, they could only pass on their knowledge and culture to the next generation by telling stories. Telling stories was a way to keep a record of things, such as heroic feats, learning experiences, and the origin of things.

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  • Happy New Year 2016

    … posts from the past year of the Brain into a lovely reference post for your perusing pleasure. If something takes your attention and you’d like to discuss it further, don’t hesitate to get in touch, or leave a comment below! Here’s to a prosperous and pleasant new year! *cue Auld Lang Syne* Search Engine Optimisation BrightonSEO September…

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  • 4 Valuable Content Curation Tools and How to Use Them

    … Content Curation, Content Marketing, Owned Media, Shared Media Content promotion and distribution are a huge part of any content marketing strategy. But you never want to share your own content 100 percent of the time. This is why having a content curation and/or aggregation plan should be a part of your long-term content marketing strategy…

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  • Do You Follow Bad Blogging Advice Or Take Your Own Path?

    … is some of those who promote the 80:20 rule don’t practice what they preach. That’s okay. There’s no hard and fast rule but telling people they use it and then you realise they don’t isn’t a good strategy. I combine Buffer, CoSchedule, Swayy and Klout to get a handle on things. Do you know how much self promotion you do versus promoting others…

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  • How Nimble Could Transform The Way You Work Online

    How do you keep track of the relationships that are important to your business? When you make contact with someone through email, Facebook, Twitter etc., how do you highlight this person and track your ongoing interactions with them? What do you know about the people who are interacting with you? What is their profile and background? What are they talking about on social medi ...

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  • 7 Landing Page Techniques to Dramatically Improve Website Conversions

    … can be done in two ways: A/B testing or multivariate testing. The one you should choose will depend on your business and the number of visitors your site gets. A/B testing tests two variations, side by side, so that you can test different aspects of a landing page and choose the one that gets the highest number of conversions. Multivariate testing…

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  • Is Your Blog Strategy Effective?

    … Are you spending a lot of time creating blog content? We certainly are, and it’s very time consuming. But is it worth it? I recently listened to Mike Stelzner discuss this topic with the super-knowledgeable Andy Crestodina, and this spurred me on to write this post (interview link). Here are some things to consider: 1. What Type of Posts…

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  • Essential Considerations for Choosing a Website Hosting Company

    … of the key starting points for this is where your website is hosted. Recently, we moved our hosting to a company called SiteGround. In this post, we will take you through the essential things to consider when you are looking for new web hosting. So, read on to find out what you need to understand if you are considering moving to a new hosting provider…

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  • 9 Hot Mobile Apps for Instagram

    …. Repost Whiz – Repost Other Users’ Instagram Content Sue uses Repost Whiz for reposting other people’s content. When you repost content, it’s essential to give attribution to the person you are reposting from, and Repost Whiz nicely highlights the attribution to the original sharer. This app is available for iOS and Android phones. 7. InstaSize…

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