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  • 220: What You Should Include in Your Email Newsletters

    What You Should Include in Your Email Newsletters (and Answers to 4 FAQs About Email) Do you email your blog readers regularly? Maybe you put ‘set up email newsletter’ on your ‘someday’ list ages ago, but still haven’t done it. Or maybe you have a newsletter list, but you haven’t sent one in months.

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  • How to Create a Reader Avatar for Your Blog

    … For several years, I’ve been using Reader Avatars (also called Reader Profiles or Personas) on my blogs – and I’ve found them very effective and helpful. To create your first reader avatar, you’ll need to spend some time thinking and writing about a type of reader that you’re either attempting to reach or who is already reading your blog…

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  • 3 Ways to Turn Blog Posts into Engaging Instagram Content

    … This is a guest post from Jonathan Chan of Foundr Magazine. You are probably here because you are a proud blog owner. Your content is consistently fresh and up-to-date, your mission statement is on point, you’ve managed to create a brand from scratch and everything is going swimmingly. But you’re still not using Instagram to promote your…

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  • 208: 5 Actionable Tips You Can Use to Get Better Results on Your Facebook Page

    …: My name is Darren Rowse, and welcome to episode 208 of the ProBlogger podcast. I’m the blogger behind, a blog, podcast, event, job board and series of ebooks all designed to help you as a blogger to grow your audience and make money from your blogs. You can learn more about ProBlogger over at Today, I want to present…

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  • How Small Businesses Can Play Big in the Internet Market

    … Every business strives to expand its audience. The best way to do so is to create a website. It doesn’t matter if you have a business blog, online store, or even a one pager. You can’t simply avoid SEO standards. If you’ve joined the game, then you need to play by the rules. The first advice all specialists give to every business is to hire…

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  • 7 Powerful Non-SEO Reasons to Try Guest Posting

    … This is the first post in our series on Guest Posting, with a focus on benefits other than just SEO, for a more successful and fulfilling approach to finding readers for your blog. Guest posting is not all (or even mostly) about SEO. My first experience of ‘guest posts’ was back in 2005 here on ProBlogger when I decided to take a month off…

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  • What is the Link between Social Signals and Your Search Ranking?

    …,” on Twitter, you’ll find that most of the accounts have optimized their bios with relevant keywords. As you can see in the following screenshot, these profiles all have the word “food” in their bios. And most of them also include the word “blog,” “blogger,” or “blogging.” Pick a keyword relevant to your niche – whether it’s technology, politics…

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  • 4 Ways to Use Social Media to Light a Fire Under Your List Building Strategy

    … valuable that the reader would pay for it, but you’re giving it away for the low low price of an email address. Neil Patel does this masterfully, on his QuickSprout blog, by offering a free course on how to double your blog traffic. He values the course at $300 but is giving it away for opting in to his email list. People are reading your blog…

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  • How to Use SMS Marketing to Boost Your Blog’s Audience

    … within 3 seconds of receiving! When was the last time your latest blog got those kind of statistics? Make sure your blog is mobile friendly Now that I’ve got your attention, the first thing to do is to ensure that your blog is mobile optimized. It seems like a bizarre tip to mention in 2017, but according to a recent survey from BaseKit, 91…

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  • The Site Speed and SEO Connection

    … From ProBlogger SEO expert Jim Stewart of Bloggers SEO Last year the Australian retailer Booktopia gave a presentation where they shared that speeding up their page load times by 1 second, equated to an extra $600,000 on the bottom line. Today, speed matters. Turning your blog into a highly optimised, relevant, platform takes time. Fortunately…

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