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    • More Ways to Grow Your Blog’s Traffic Without Google Search

      By ProBlogger Expert Jerry Low. Google traffic is lucrative – there’s no doubt about that. Often, the most effective way to attract targeted traffic is to make sure your site is optimized for Google searches. As you may have already learned, winning that targeted traffic is one of the top strategies for making money on the web.

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  • How to Pitch Yourself to Be a Podcast Guest

    … This is a guest contribution from Michelle Kulas of PodcastMotor. If you’ve been blogging for any length of time, you may have had daydreams about achieving fame, fortune and glory through your blog. At the very least, you’ve probably been hopeful that you’d reach your target readers and maybe make some money by selling a product or service…

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  • How to Grow Your Blog by Interviewing Influencers

    … be ambivalent about whether you really need to offer an interview on your blog. How could this type of content actually improve and grow your site? As Hamlin School Director of Public Relations Daniel W. Polk puts it, “You create a personal connection with your guest speaker.” This type of connection is powerful because once it has been established, you…

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  • How to Grow Your Audience by Getting PR For Your Blog

    … media and on influential blogs. Andreea has some tried-and-true strategies for building a buzz around your blog or business through media promotion, both traditional and online. She walks the talk, with her blog being featured in more than 500 media outlets since she started five years ago. I asked her what her non-negotiables are when…

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  • How to Get 10x More Traffic Without Spending a Dime on Advertising

    … going to share 7 unusual tips you can use right away on your blog to get more traffic and shares, without spending a penny on advertising. 1. Turn your images into an album, and share it on Reddit If you’re like most bloggers, you probably share your posts to a relevant sub-reddit, collect some upvotes and call it a day. But what if I told…

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  • How to Bring Podcast Listeners From Their Phones to Your Website

    … and dislikes than you may initially realize. This could be valuable feedback to steer your episodes and marketing efforts. Keep Updating Your Website With Relevant Content According to Forbes, when Neil Patel of QuickSprout started posting six times a week (instead of five), he saw blog traffic increase by 18.6%, proving that blogging more really does drive…

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  • How to Set Up Your First Instagram Ad

    … and the newsfeed algorithm that’s been rolling out since March. Many bloggers are active on Instagram, but not many have taken the plunge and tapped into the amazing advertising opportunities that Instagram offers. For as little as $1 per day you could be advertising your latest blog post in the Instagram newsfeed, and getting more clicks through…

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  • Why Boosting Facebook Posts Is Not So Bad After All

    … noticed the Facebook algorithms getting smarter at picking up sponsored content and shout outs to sponsored posts on our blog. Ultimately they want in on the action and from a business point of view I can understand that. So the conundrum was that sponsored posts are the posts we want to do really well to continue to secure brands being interested…

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  • 9 Reasons I Hate Your Blog

    … By Jerry Low. Does your website have a high bounce rate? What is it about your blog that makes them want to press the back button? The truth is that if your bounce rate is high, then there is something that is causing people to discredit your blog and leave quickly. Bounce rate, at least by Google’s standards, is measured in single page visits…

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  • Get Your First 1000 Readers: Here’s Your Step by Step Plan

    … By ProBlogger Writing Expert Ali Luke. Has your blog got a grand total of three subscribers? (You, your test account, and your mum?) Maybe you’ve got a little bit further than that. You’ve got 10 or 20 or 50 readers signed up to read your posts or your newsletter. But you don’t know where to go next. I’m going to assume that your blog…

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  • Could Marketing Automation Be Hurting Your Blog-Reader Relationships?

    … By ProBlogger Marketing Expert Alita Harvey-Rodriguez. Warning: This article has nothing to do with robots taking over your blog. If you’re after robots, click here. If you’re looking for information about the impact that automation is having on blogging and your reader relationships, then you’re in the right place! First of all you need…

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