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  • Meet the Tragic Poster Boy for the Emotional Brain

    … While Enlightenment-era thinkers like Denis Diderot, Benjamin Franklin, René Descartes, David Hume, and Thomas Jefferson — giants from the age of reason — would like you to believe otherwise, we are not as rational as we think we are. Recent books like Irrational Exuberance, Emotional Intelligence, and Descartes’ Error teach us that even…

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  • 6 Nonverbal Hacks for Your Website So it Captures Attention and Converts

    You have 0.05 seconds to make a good first impression online. That’s only 50 milliseconds to hook someone — according to researchers at Carleton University. Most important, this happens before a user reads any of your content. So, you have to capture their attention with your website’s nonverbal cues.

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